how to project mobile screen on wall without a projector

How to Project Mobile Screen on Wall without Projector? Easy Tips!

Don’t be concerned if you want to use your mobile device on a wider board to appreciate the bigger version. You can accomplish this on a budget. A pricey projector is not required for this task. Although there is no substitute for a home-theater projector, displaying your smartphone screen isn’t a terrible decision. We will go through how to project mobile screen on wall without a projector in this article. Since it takes some imagination, it is simpler to project a smartphone device onto a wall, where the picture will appear more clearly and on a larger screen. Let’s begin!

Is There an App to Make Your Phone a Projector?

No, as a smartphone lacks the setup and optics necessary to project images onto a screen, it is not possible to transform your mobile phone into a projector with an app. Nevertheless, there are phone applications that could still turn a smartphone into a projector’s media outlet.

Although there isn’t yet a commercially used device with a constructed projector arrangement, this possibility may come to pass soon. Smartphones only have one area out of the box and lack the necessary equipment for a Pico projector to beam the display onto an additional area. Therefore, a program can’t turn a smartphone into a projector.

A Pico projector, roughly the area of your cellphone and delivers all the features of a standard projector, is an alternative to looking for one. They offer a respectable projection performance; perfect for quick movie viewings or brief seminars!

They typically weigh 0.6 kilograms and can have a screen resolution of Fifty to Eighty inches with a respectable level of luminance. The majority of Pico projectors have a native quality of 480p. However, some costly versions have high definitions.

How Can I Project a Picture from My Phone to the Wall?

Here are some techniques for displaying a smartphone device’s display on a panel without needing a projector. These techniques avoid the need of a projector or projection board for a larger show.

  • Employing an Application

Utilizing programs like screen Mirroring or AirPlay Mirroring is among the most straightforward ways to display a smartphone screen. With the help of these applications, you may display a picture of your choosing from your cellphone onto a monitor or other larger screens.

  • Employing Chromecast

Most individuals choose Chromecasts since they are widely accessible and are often utilized. To see the video on a larger screen, you may use a Chromecast to link your cellphone or computer to your Television.

Although Chromecast enables display management using the controller, it eliminates the need for smartphone-based modifications and renders it more dependable.

  • Homemade Projector

Create your custom projector to display the smartphone screen on a board if you have a brilliant imagination and desire to experiment with something new. Although building your projector might be entertaining, it is not as dependable as the previous two options.

A container, a magnification lens, and a few other components are needed to create a full cellphone projector. A gadget or program is not necessary for connectivity.

How to Project Mobile Screen on Wall without Projector?

If you don’t have the budget to buy a new projector and wish to change your phone viewing experience bit, build your projector at your residence to display the smartphone device on the ceiling.

Even though it might appear impossible, projecting a bigger image without a projector is feasible and simple.

The necessary tools are:

  • Mobile 
  • Magnification lens
  • Adhesive
  • Container 
  • Adhesive
  • dark sheet
  • Large and little binder clips

It doesn’t take long to assemble the necessary materials and make a projector yourself. You may create a homemade projector by following these simple instructions.

  1. Create a Circle in the Box

The initial phase includes using the manual saw to slice the magnification lens rod. Put the lens on the container, creating the lines necessary for an accurate incision. Pierce the circular precisely with the X-acto blade.

  1. Secure the Containers Inside

Employ a rough raven sheet since luminous reflection out from the container might degrade the picture’s sharpness. To get rid of this illusion, precisely slice the sheet to fit the size of the container. To ensure that the black sheet is securely fastened to the container’s inside sides, apply adhesive.

You may use ebony ink when you don’t have a rough raven sheet. However, it could require some time for the coat to cure.

  1. Connect the Magnifier

Remove the arm from the magnifier afterwards. Put it in the gap you made in the container. The phone’s illumination beams may travel in via a magnifier to create a larger picture on a surface.

The magnifier lens should securely fasten to the container using hot glue or adhesive. The homemade display’s optics is now complete.

  1. Create a Structure for Cell Devices

Use a foam sheet or plywood to take a position now. Make an accurate initial assessment of the container’s size, breadth, and depth. Next, measure the phone and trim the sheet to fit. Assure your device can rest on the surface upright.

Attach the tripod to the container with adhesive and binding clips. The ideal method for mounting cellphones on the tripod is double-sided tape.

  1. Configuring Your Device

It’s essential to adjust your cellphone after making a little projector. To display a high video on the board, disable the auto-rotate option and raise the brightness. If you possess a speaker system, it might be advantageous to acquire a stronger volume for a more authentic movie encounter; nevertheless, mobile devices have sufficient audio.

  1. Place the Reflection In

So far, you’ve come close to building a Custom projector, yet there are still a few components to add. If this reflector is not present, your smartphone projection will cast an upside picture onto a panel.

Next, set a reflector at a 45 ° angle on the corner facing the lens if you wish to place the picture from left to right. This is the optimal position if you desire to use your cellphone to view the finest projection on the screen.

Or you can place your phone upside down with auto rotation disabled to a straight-facing image.

Your mobile device projector is prepared now.

Can Mobile Flashlight be Used as Projector?

Unfortunately, mobile phones are not built with the capability to shoot multiple colors rather than white in the flashlight. So, you can’t use the flashlight as a projector in a smartphone. However, you can place a transparent image in front of the flashlight and watch the bigger image if you want.

Which Phones Have Projectors?

The primary purpose of every innovation is to render any work easier and faster. One fundamental objective of contemporary technology is to make everything portable and available. That is mostly the cause of how quickly cell phones are developing. So, what phones are equipped with projectors?

  • Samsung Galaxy Beam 2
  • Moto Z Droid
  • MOVI
  •  Lenovo Smart Cast Laser Project
  • Akyumen Holofone
  • Falcon Tablet

These are some of the currently available best smartphones with a built-in projector.

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