how often should a sim card be replaced

How Often Should a SIM Card be Replaced? – You Should Know

Nowadays, finding someone who does not use a smartphone is impossible. It has become a common sight to have a smartphone in the hands of not only adults but also children. Thus, everyone is a SIM owner too! There has been some discussion about the SIM cards and its longevity. OK, let’s see; how often should a SIM card be replaced? What do you think?

Many of you may not understand because many people have used their SIM cards safely for several years. But some people face problems with the new SIM cards. So it is clear to us that there is some problem here. Wait until the end. Let’s sort out this SIM card problem.

Why Do SIM Cards Need to be Replaced? 

There are several technical reasons for this. Let’s start with something simple. Basically, if you lose your SIM, you will definitely have to switch to a new one.

And SIM cards get old, and the possibility of them getting damaged is very high. Sometimes, your phone will be damaged due to technical issues, and you will have to transfer it. For example, your phone’s battery may be damaged, and some chemical secretions may leak into the phone and damage the SIM card as well.

Also, in case your SIM is blocked due to the PIN or PUK numbers and you are unable to unblock, you will definitely have to switch to a new SIM card.

Another prime scenario is to imagine you have an old smartphone. But when you switch to a new phone model, you may not be able to use the old SIM. Your SIM needs to be upgraded. In such a case, you have to move to a new SIM.

How Long Will a SIM Card Last?

Generally, this one has a direct answer. But of course, this is practically relative according to use. A SIM card can be used for 5-10 years, depending on normal usage. If you don’t take it out often and use it well, the life of the SIM card can be maintained for 10 years. Maybe it can be more.

  • Unusable SIM Card Symptoms

Let’s discuss some salient tips to make it easier to identify if your SIM card is unusable.

  1. Network Issues

Suppose you face any problem while making calls. if you find it challenging to connect properly, you should be careful. But in some cases, it can also be due to coverage issues, so research carefully before making a decision.

  1. Delayed Phone Calls and Text Messages

What happens here is that the calls you receive are delayed. And in some cases, you see that the messages you sent have not been sent. Calls may also be interrupted.

  1. Contacts Disappear

The contacts you saved on your SIM card will not be displayed. If this happens frequently, then maybe your SIM card is definitely damaged. 

  1. Turn on Airplane Mode Automatically

If airplane mode turns on automatically, it is a problem. And, if this happens suddenly without any reason, it is time for you to switch to a new SIM.

  1. Not Recognized Error

This happens constantly. It will not recognize your phone when your SIM card is inserted. The SIM card is not working. A message “SIM Card Not Recognized” will be displayed.

You must be concerned about your SIM card if you have any of these symptoms.

What Causes a SIM Card to Go Bad? 

A SIM card is a physical object that can suffer much damage. Therefore, it is not very appropriate to take out your SIM card constantly. It may cause the SIM card to get damaged after it happens continuously. Let’s talk about two leading causes.

  1. Water Damage

This is a very common problem. Even if you don’t take out the SIM card regularly, if water gets inside for some reason, your SIM card will get corroded and damaged. A tiny drop of water is sufficient for this.

  1. Constant Exposure to Heat

Constant exposure of your phone to heat can damage your SIM card. For example, when you are working outdoors, placing your phone in direct sunlight may cause the phone to overheat. If this happens continuously, it will damage your SIM card.

In addition, as we mentioned before, if you constantly remove your SIM card and take it out, there is a chance that the SIM card will be scratched. Your SIM card will get irritated when it is constantly removed.

Can a New SIM Card Improve Performance?

Yes. This is probably true! This can be noticed when you use an old SIM and switch to a new SIM. For example, if you change a 10-year-old SIM card, you can experience many things you missed in terms of technology with the new SIM card.  And most 3G SIM cards have been upgraded to 5G. So, there is definitely a clear difference in performance.

How Often Should a SIM Card be Replaced?

The simplest answer is that unless your SIM card is faulty or you are not getting service properly, you need to switch your SIM card. Otherwise, only if your SIM card is lost or some other problem arises will you have to change a SIM card.

Also, when you switch to a new phone, sometimes you have to switch to a new SIM card if your SIM card is old. But none of these actions cannot specify a proper period. Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly when you should change the SIM card. Leaving aside all these external factors and looking at longevity, we can conclude that since a SIM card will last for 5-10 years, you will have to change it every 5-10 years. But that is not always true. Uncertain!

Should I Replace My SIM Card when I Get a New Phone?

There are two main things if we move to a new SIM card. The first thing is that when you buy a new phone, you have to decide to buy a new SIM based on the size of your new phone. If you have an old SIM and are trying a new model, you will definitely have to switch to a nano SIM or a micro-SIM. There you have to switch your existing standard SIM to a new one.

The other thing, suppose that you currently have a 4G SIM. But the new phone you buy is a 5G phone. There you have to switch to a 5G SIM to experience the true inspiration of that phone. Apart from these two main issues, there is nothing special reason for buying a new SIM for a new phone.


Now you know the usual longevity of a sim card and how to use your SIM card carefully. And above descriptions provide a good understanding of exactly when you should change the SIM card in different situations.

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