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How to Hide Wyze Camera? – Multiple Ways!

We all want our homes to be secured. With the new technology, it has become easy to secure any property by installing cameras around it. So if anyone is wondering why we want to hide the cameras, it is because we don’t want the intruder to see the camera in case they can destroy it. So it is worth knowing how to hide Wyze camera.

Don’t worry; you can make your Wyze camera invisible to anyone who enters your house. There are many possible ways you can hide your camera. You can choose the best way that suits you depending on the structure of your house.

Why Do You Want to Hide the Wyze Camera?

At present, installing a camera is essential in constrictions as your house has a doorbell. It is because for your safety as well as for your home not to get robbed.

But why should you hide them? It is always better to keep your cameras hidden so no one knows that you have installed cameras at home.

And there are many reasons why you want to keep your cameras hidden. One is that it is the best for your privacy. In our opinion, the main reason you want to keep your camera is that you don’t want to see the cameras from intruders.

There is a tendency that if an intruder sees your camera, it will most likely be stolen, unplugged, or destroyed. If you live in a high crime rate area, experienced burglars know to get away with the camera without seeing. You don’t want this to happen to your cameras, and having a camera will be useless if you can’t make the best out of it. So to prevent this from happening, the solution is to hide your camera, so no one knows that cameras exist.

The other possible reason is that when you have guests at home, they will feel that someone is always looking at them if they know that cameras are around. They will feel like they have no privacy and will feel uncomfortable in your house. If they have no idea that there are cameras around, they will feel secure and tend to behave freely in their own way. So to give them a pleasant experience visiting your home, it will be best if you hide your cameras.

How to Hide Wyze Camera Outside?

Hiding your Wyze camera will be a challenge you will have to face when you want your camera invisible because you will have to be somewhat witty and creative. And the other problem when you want to hide the Wyze camera outside is you will have to do it when no one is around.

The first way to hide your camera is by installing a fake camera to see intruders or burglars. So that they will focus on destroying, unplugging, or stealing the fake camera, they will not see what is waiting for them. This is a great way to make their attention go away to the surroundings as they will think that they have been making the smartest move in damaging the camera.

And you can install the camera in a place where no one believes there is a camera. For example, you can install your camera in a birdhouse. The intruders would never imagine a camera being hidden at a birdhouse and never imagine stealing a birdhouse as there is no value to them. You can ask a carpenter to make the birdhouse or you can easily buy one from a pet shop.

Another most effective place to hide your camera is in a flower pot. Since there is no abnormality in keeping a flower pot outside, that makes a great hiding spot. And you can always place the camera-hidden flower pot right at the entrance or any other possible entrance that you might think an intruder will enter.

And also you can use a disguise skin to hide your camera. Always adding a disguise skin is also a good way to hide your camera, making it difficult to spot the camera for intruders. Gilles skin works best if you plan to hide your camera in a tree or plant surface.

These are the possible ways to hide the camera outside your house. This way, you can keep your house and family safe from stealing or damaging your property.

And there is a special note! You must remember is that your camera should be waterproof if you are planning to hide it outside.

Practical Difficulties of Hiding a Wyze Camera

You will have to face a few practical difficulties when hiding the Wyze camera at your home. 

The first one is that you will have, especially if you hide the camera outside, to disguise the camera without anyone being seen. That is a challenging task. You will have to choose a time that there is no one around. That may be night or day, depending on the area you live in.

The next one is choosing the best disguising method that works for you. That may vary for the structure of your house, so it is more important to use the best method that works for you and be creative.

The other main problem you will have to face is hiding the cord without being too noticeable. This will need some creativity, and you will overcome the problem easily. You can always use a cord covering that will help you hide the cords. These covering are available at any hardware store, and also you can find these in different colors to match the surroundings that you use to hide the camera.


If you plan to keep your home and surrounding safe, installing a Wyze camera will be the best option. And if you can disguise your camera from intruders, it is better for protecting your camera without getting damaged or stolen by burglars. We have listed some of the ways you can hide your camera above. We hope you got all the information you need to hide your Wyze camera and be creative when hiding the camera outside.

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