How to Delete Calendar Events on iPhone? [Easy Methods]

When it comes to organizing the days, Apple’s Calendar application may be helpful, mainly when you also are using other Apple devices. However, deleting calendar items that are no longer pertinent might be beneficial when our ideas work out differently than we had hoped. How to delete calendar events on iPhone? On such an iPhone, follow these instructions.

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How to delete calendar events on iPhone? You may remove a whole calendar by tapping the Calendars inside the bottom pub’s middle. Deselecting the calendar is as simple as tapping on its title once. One may still view it by selecting the calendar again, even if it won’t appear in the application longer.


You can create, amend, and remove events using the Calendar application on apple devices. It ensures that you remember important dates like holidays, birthdays, as well as anniversaries. As greater, you may designate a newly added occasion as a regular event. Each year, you would receive a reminder. Everything about this is fantastic.

What happens, though, if we add or have an activity that is no longer required? How to delete calendar events on iPhone? Okay, no issue. The iPhone and iPad make it simple to erase calendar entries. Let’s examine the procedure.

How Can I Erase Events From My iPhone Timeline?

An Apple iPhone’s calendar may be immediately updated by adding, editing, or deleting events, so these modifications can be synchronized using the desktop or another account of your choice.

How to Remove Events From the iPhone Calendar?

  • First, launch the Calendar application on the iPhone and remove an item from the schedule.
  • Select the date of the meeting inside the Calendar application.
  • Please select the item you want to delete by tapping it in the activities list.
  • Click “Delete Event” just at the bottom of the “Event Details” screen that appears.
  • The smartphone’s display will show a warning at the bottom. Tap “Delete Event” at this pop-up to get rid of your occasion.

When you choose to remove a recurring activity, the pop-up will give you two choices. The submenu option “Delete This Event Just” allows you to remove the activity mostly from the specified date; the option “Delete All Future Events” automatically removes all future incidents of a chosen taken back.

So That’s All

How to Delete Calendar Events on iPhone?

Entire calendars can also be deleted if you decide they are no longer needed or valuable.

  1. Launch the calendar application.
  2. To see the calendars that are presently synchronized with the application, hit Calendars just at the bottom of the display.
  3. Search for the calendar you want to remove, then press the information button next to it.
  4. You can find the Delete Calendar option by scrolling all the way to the bottom of such a display. To erase, tap.
  5. Next will get a notification requesting you to verify the decision to remove the particular calendar and informing you that doing so will also erase all of the events linked to it.
  6. To completely erase the calendar, select Delete once.

How Do You Get Rid of a Shared Occasion?

A separate set of choices will be available when someone has published an activity with you rather than if Siri has picked that up from that other application. So, the bottom of a display will not display Delete Event but Accept, Perhaps, or Decline.

You’ve presumably got the event’s settings set to Approved at about this point. Choose Declined to remove the item. This event won’t appear in the schedule anymore, but you may still view that one in the Inbox should you decide otherwise in the future.

How Can I Restore Events from My Erased Apple Calendar?

Start an internet browser, then navigate to the iCloud page.

  • Access the Settings Page by logging in with your Apple login right now.
  • Restoring calendar, as well as Reminders, may then be found under Options.
  • After that, choose Restore and then select the time that the calendar should be reset from.
  • Afterward, click Restore your Apple Calendar Entries to complete the action, as well as the activities will be recovered.

The procedure for deleting a calendar item on an apple device would be the same as it is on a Mac.

iPhone Calendar Spams: What’s It?

You may have unintentionally connected to such spam calendars when you receive unsolicited calendar invites or event alerts.

What Causes Spam in iPhone Schedules?

These days, con artists attempt to display pop-ups on sites, but then when people open them, they get enrolled in the calendars with hundreds of repeated events. Users will constantly receive alerts to check their site or use their product.

Most users first begin to experience calendar spamming after browsing adult content with a bunch of pop-up ads or unlawful streaming services. Frequently, code that sends visitors to the fraudulent web is introduced into these kinds of websites.

You can get a message asking you to sign up for a spamming calendar anytime you access a site that has such a code. Your smartphone will begin to get Calendar alerts as soon as you subscribe. You could get many at once, but these frequently occur every few minutes.

The webpage you will be directed to that if you click under one of the alerts will probably not have anything to do with the content inside the Calendar notice. So, avoid clicking on any pop-ups on dubious websites. You could withdraw and erase the subscription calendar if this occurred to you.

How Can I Remove Unwanted Events from My iPhone Calendar?

Deleting the calendar membership will erase the events.

iOS 14.6 and Newer

  • Launch the Calendars application.
  • Select the undesirable Calendar item by tapping it.
  • Click the bottom of the such window where it says Unsubscribe from such a Schedule.
  • Select “Unsubscribe” to verify.

iOS Previous Versions

  • Launch the calendar application.
  • On the display, select Calendars from the bottom.
  • Attempt to locate a calendar with which you need to familiarize yourself. Finally, after scrolling down, hit Delete Schedule. Click the More Information icon next to that schedule.

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