can you use google home as a baby monitor

Can You Use Google Home as a Baby Monitor? – Ultimate Guide 

Monitoring your babies can be pretty challenging if the parents are away from home most of the day. There are many options available when it comes to monitoring your toddler or kid remotely. Can you use Google home as a baby monitor? Because that’s the cheap and convenient option that lies right before you. 

What are the possibilities? And what are the perks and cons of using Google Home as a baby monitor? 

Are you curious? Well, we know you are. 

In this article, we shall walk you through everything you need to know if you consider using Google home as a baby monitor. 

With no small talk, let’s get right into it, shall we? 

Can you use Google Home as a Baby Monitor?

Yes, it is possible. Google Home is the pro version of the Google app you have on your smartphone. You can also define it as a mini Alexa

This is to say that Google home can help you interconnect, organize and monitor several tasks. You can take advantage of it using voice commands. 

Before we analyze whether Google Home is a suitable baby monitor, let us learn the functions that can be performed using it. This will give us a better idea which can help you make an ultimate decision. 

Google home can access many features in your smartphone, such as the calendar, files, documents, music, and other personal settings. You can organize your tasks and set reminders using it. 

Upon your “okay Google” command, you can ask anything from Google home to perform. (Such as opening a file or playing a song) 

Hence, Google home is indeed a handy personal assistant. 

Are you looking to use it as a baby monitor but are reserved about the possibility? 

There are no reservations. Google Home can be used as a baby monitor. But it has pros and cons since it is not intended for baby monitoring. 

Google Home will let you connect it to all other devices at your home, which can help you maintain good touch with your child. 

But unfortunately, it doesn’t have camera facilities. Suppose you want to monitor your child via video. In that case, you will have to connect an external camera (such as the Google nest cam) and pair it with your smartphone.

Let us list some of its abilities to provide you an even better scope of what Google home can do when used as a baby monitor. 

  • When you call your home, all the devices connected to Google home will start ringing. 
  • You can control the light system of your home. Google Home can turn your lights on and off per your instructions. 
  • You can convey your messages to babies at home. How you may ask. Well, the connected loudspeakers will play your message once you send one. 
  • You can monitor images that are captured by the camera. You can connect multiple cameras to your Google home. So you don’t have to worry. 
  • WLAN can be actively managed. 
  • Set reminders
  • Control the thermostat for convenience. 

Now you should have a clear idea about what you will be capable of doing if you choose Google home to be your baby monitor. 

Google Home can act as a pretty good baby monitor if you are not looking for peak awareness and safety. 

However, when using Google home, you will need to keep your device unlocked for the operation to keep running. 

Can I Use Google Home to Listen Remotely to a Baby? 

While it is true that you can use Google home as a baby monitor, the features are limited. 

Google home only offers broadcasting features. You cannot use it to listen to your baby. 

But it can work otherwise. You can convey your messages to your babies. But cannot listen to your babies.

Google home can be used to monitor your baby remotely. But it lacks the feature where you can listen to your baby. 

Are there Apps that Work as Baby Monitors? 

Yes, there are apps that you can use to your monitor your babies via your smartphones and tablets. 

But it can be tricky when choosing the right one as plenty of fish are in the sea. 

Let us help you with a few apps most people use to monitor babies remotely. 

Let’s dive in. 

  • Cloud Baby Monitor

Cloud baby monitor will allow you to monitor your baby’s movements and sounds through video and audio. 

You can listen to your baby, talk to your baby and keep an eye on all of its movements and actions. 

Additional features will enable you to auto-play lullabies, control the night light switch, etc. 

It will immediately alert you in case of noise and other threatening signs. 

You can manage and monitor the app using your TV, tablet, or smartphone. 

Cloud baby monitor works with both android and iOS. 

  • Baby Monitor 3G 

Baby Monitor 3G acts similarly to the Cloud Baby Monitor.

It also has video and audio services with additional management features for peak convenience. 

Baby Monitor 3G will work only with an active internet connection. 

The app is also available on both android and iOS. 

You can operate and manage the app on a MacBook, chrome book, or PC. 

  • Dormi Baby Monitor 

Dormi baby monitor is a free baby monitoring app available for usage on android. And it is free! 

But Dormi will not operate offline. You will need active internet connections for functionality. 

Dormi also has audio and video streaming services for peak monitoring. 

For maximum awareness and safety, Dormi will vibrate and pop up notifications in case of loud noises and other concerning stimuli. 


Google Home can be used as a baby monitor with the set of attractive features it has to offer. 

However, it has its own restrictions as it is not designed to act as a baby-monitoring digital assistant. 

Nevertheless, it can be used as a baby monitor if you are not looking for top features with tight-knit awareness and safety. 

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