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Exploring the Extent of AirPods’ Reach from Your Mobile Phone

Distance changes everything. Subsequently, distance affects modern technology as well. Thus the products of the prodigious technical company: apple are another stratosphere affected by distance. Air pods are the pioneer product that is affected by the distance range. You, as an air pods user, might be wondering whether “How far can airpods be away from a phone?” therefore, we’ll see what the wireless range, the distance which the air pod can be away from the phone, the factors that affect the range, whether the type of the air pods can affect the wireless range and the ways to improve the wireless range.

What Is The Wireless Range?

The wireless range of an air pod varies as the version of the air pod changes. Variation of air pods changes with the generation of its creation. The first generation air pod range is 196.85 feet, which is 60 meters. This range only suffices the sight range of an individual in the sight range of the particular individual. If you are using the air pods indoors, the wireless range changes. It is 32.81 feet (10 meters). Bluetooth technology directly affects this range; the first-generation air pods have the 4.2 Bluetooth technology. In comparison, second-generation air pods have 5.0 Bluetooth technology. Therefore, the wireless range differs due to Bluetooth technology.

How Far Can Air Pods Be Away From The Phones?

When you are flying around the house jamming to music, the music suddenly stops, and the fun terminates. You are wondering “How far I can go from my phone to not losing this connection”. Do not worry. We are here to help you discover the answer to this burning question. You can maintain the blue tooth connection between the air pods and the phone in a range of 30-60 feet (10-18 meters). The manufacturer originally enunciates this range. These two categories of wireless ranges

  1. optimal range
    • If you are dancing away within 30-60 feet, you utilize the optimal blue tooth range for the air pods.
  2. maximum range
    • If you are dancing away despite the optimal range with a little bit of connection drops, you are now experiencing the maximum range.

However, if you are experiencing severe and permanent connection drops, you might have to consider going near the phone to rebuild the blue tooth connection.

How Does The Wireless Range Of Air Pods Compare To Other Bluetooth Services?

As mentioned earlier, the wireless range of an air pod varies according to the model of the air pod. Thus, it is crucial to acknowledge the hyper-differences between these models. Other than the air pod model, the Bluetooth technology’s rate also affect the wireless range. Therefore we are presenting the difference between these models and the different blue tooth ranges accordingly.

  1. 1st generation – these air pods are equipped with an Apple W1 chip, and it has the facility of 4.2 Bluetooth technology with a 60-meter range.
  2. 2nd generation – this air pod is equipped with the H1 chip and has the blue tooth facility of the 5.0 version with a 40-meter range.

Now we will explore how the quality of the air pod connection change due to the blue tooth power.

  • If the blue tooth 4..2 version is present, the maximum bandwidth is 1MBPS
  • If the blue tooth 5.0 version is present, the maximum bandwidth is 2 MBPS. 

What Factors Can Affect The Wireless Range Of Air Pods?

Many factors affect the wireless range of air pods. These factors may vary according to the model of the air pod that you are using. As humans choose to be close to someone while being distanced from another for many reasons, the wireless range of an air pod differs for many reasons. One of these reasons is the distance between the phone and the air pod. If you are too far away from your phone or the device that you have developed a connection with, it will directly affect the air pods.

Moreover, the signal strength and the quality directly affect the wireless range of the air pods. The most vital factor affecting the wireless range of an air pod is the power of the blue tooth technology inserted into the air pod model.

These reasons highly affect the quality of the air pods and the experience you are getting with them.

What Factors Can Affect The Wireless Range Of Air Pods?

Can The Type Of Air Pods Affect The Wireless Range?

There are many types of air pods with technological advancements in the modern world. These air pods can be classified into two sets

  1. of in-ear air pods
  2. Over-ear air pods.

These air pods are not featured with the same facility and features as the manufacturing company has developed them from generation to generation. Thus, many technologies join the air pod’s journey, drastically changing the wireless range. Bluetooth, signal quality, and Air Pod models affect the Air Pod’s wireless range and quality.

In conclusion, the answer to your burning question is: YES. The model of the air pods does affect the wireless range.

How Can I Optimize The Wireless Range Of My Air Pods?

After assessing the reasons relating to the air pods’ wireless range, we will find out how we can improve the wireless connection of the air pods. There are millions of ways how you can accomplish this task. Those procedures are,

  1. It would be helpful if you checked the battery level of your Air pods as the battery level will decrease the quality of its performance.
  2. Now check the Bluetooth connection to find if the connection is established or not.
  3. Try resetting your air pods so that the complications will be diminished with the reset.
  4. It will help the connection if you turn off the automatic ear detection as the power decreases with the number of features you utilize.
  5. Moving on to complex methods, you can update your air pods firmware.
  6. Then it would help if you considered disabling audio enhancements.

Following these steps will increase and improve the quality and wireless range of the air pods. 

What Happens If Air Pods Go Out Of Range From The Phone?

There are many issues related to air pods. One of them, which was discovered by us earlier in the article. Another complication is the air pod could go out of range. This complication can lead to many severe situations leading up to the complete loss of air pods due to the inability to locate the air pods.

If so, you are left with no luck but the hardships of life. However, you can seek relief through the “find my” app by locating your air pods using the location features. Yet prevention is the better solution. Therefore it would be a great help if you could manage the battery levels of the air pods at a moderate level at all times. Try turning off the features that drain the battery in large amounts.

Thus, completing these steps and taking proper care of the air pods will benefit you in the long run.

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