can you wear earbuds with a tragus piercing

Can you Wear Earbuds with a Tragus Piercing? ANSWERED!!!

The handy entertainment device, earbuds, and the unique fashion trend, tragus piercing, are equally popular among the young generation nowadays. However, a doubt may arise in your mind regarding the possibility of wearing these two at the same time. Can you wear earbuds with a tragus piercing? Today, we are going to answer this question, providing some additional knowledge for you. At the end of the article, you will exactly know what the dos and don’ts you should adhere to if you hope to do a tragus piercing.

What is Tragus Piercing? 

Piecing is not something new to the world, and it often updates with new tread. Accordingly, tragus piercing has become one of the most popular piercing treads because it is abnormal when compared with traditional piercing around the ear. The reason why it is located on the piece of the cartilage of the ear. And luckily, you will have to experience less pain when doing tragus piercing because the cartilage is thick, and there are not many nerves there. And apart from the uncommon beauty it gives, studies have found that this piercing helps to treat migraine headaches.

Can you Wear Earbuds with a Tragus Piercing? 

Yes, you are able to wear earbuds or headphones with tragus piercing! As we mentioned earlier, tragus piercing is located on the cartilage of the ear; therefore, it does not disturb wearing earbuds. But it is not recommended to wear anything until the piercing heals properly. So, make sure to follow these essential steps and wear earbuds with the tragus piercing.

  1. Let the Piercing Heal – This step is the most important. You should not overload anything around the piercing for a few days since that area has become sensitive a bit.
  2. Clean Earbuds Well – To protect yourself from harmful germs and bacteria, clean the earbuds well before wearing them with the tragus piercing. You can use some isopropyl alcohol to clean your earbuds. If you cannot find it, use a microfiber towel or cotton.
  3. Choose Properly-fit Earbuds – do not wear loose earbuds because they can move around your ear. As a result, the tragus piercing may be damaged, or that area can be injured. Thus, always choose properly-fit earbuds. After that, you can wear earbuds gently.

How Long After a Tragus Piercing Can you Wear Earphones? 

This is an important topic because your skin might be sensitive a bit after any piercing. Therefore, you should be careful after doing a tragus piercing, too, to avoid any infection or irritation. Thus, wait at least 48 to 72 hours (2 to 3 days) without wearing any earbuds or headphones. The reason why the aforesaid time period is needed to heal the newest piercing. And if you experience consistent irritation even after passing 2 to 3 days, it is not recommended to wear anything around the ear; you should immediately meet a doctor or an expert regarding the subject.

How do you Put AirPods in a Tragus Piercing? 

AirPods are widely used by Apple users, so let’s talk about how to put them in a tragus piercing.

  1. Let the piercing heal – first and foremost, you should let the piercing heal, as we discussed earlier. Otherwise, irritation may occur due to the sensitivity around the piercing. Remember that the inner as well as outer parts of the piercing should be healed well before wearing any device. It takes some time to heal the inner part more than the outer part. If the piercing area is still reddish or swollen after a considerable number of days, do not try to wear AirPods; meet a physician.
  2. Clean the AirPods – if your AirPods have not been cleaned for a long time, clean them thoroughly using some alcohol or cotton.
  3. Place the AirPods – place the AirPods inside the ear hole gently. Make sure to limit the touch between the AirPods and the jewelry on the tragus piercing. Check whether the AirPods fit well or not. Avoid wearing loose AirPods as they move around the ear, and it may be harmful to the tragus piercing.

Does Tragus Hurt with AirPods? 

No, tragus piercing does not hurt when you wear AirPods. But AirPods considerably touch the inner side of the cartilage. Thus, AirPods can pressurize the piercing a bit. This incident can be serious if you wear bigger earrings or multiple pieces of jewelry on the cartilage. As a result, you may have to experience a little pain around the tragus. Similarly, if you wear AirPods for a long time a day, it may hurt your ear. So, it is better to wear smaller pieces of jewelry and take a rest from wearing AirPods. Or else, try to wear the AirPods upside down, then it does not hurt you much.

Things to Keep in Mind When Wearing AirPods with Tragus Piercing?

You do not want to spoil your newest tragus piercing as well as your everyday buddy, AirPods, do you? So here are some golden tips to protect both of them. If you hope to do a tragus piercing, make sure not to make these mistakes to protect your tragus piercing and the AirPods.

  1. Enough Time to Heal – If you refer to the above details, you already know that the piercing needs some time to heal. Until it fully heals, do not wear the AirPods. Someone takes a longer time to heal, depending on the sensitivity of the skin.
  2. Do not Use AirPods During Sleep – You may argue that earbuds are safe to use during sleep. Whereas, when you have a tragus piercing, there might be a clash between the AirPods and the piercing. Consequently, the piercing might be damaged.
  3. Do not Wear Damp AirPods – This might cause to build up harmful bacteria around the piercing. You can expect some infection due to this mistake.
  4. Avoid Heavy or Multiple Pieces of Jewelry – It is not a good idea to overload the ear with heavy or multiple pieces of jewelry, if you want to use AirPods too. The jewelry may tangle with the AirPods and create injuries.

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