how to convert hp printer to sublimation printer

How to Convert HP Printer to Sublimation Printer [Easy Steps]

The process for converting your HP printer is pretty straightforward and easy. So let us find out What is necessary to transform your HP printer into a sublimation printer and how to convert hp printer to sublimation printerLet’s begin

One of the significant challenges in the sublimation printing industry is the expense of machines. You want a specialized printer to print t-shirts, cups, hats, and other items in mass. But do you know you can print these items with an HP printer? If you want to print high-quality, full-color things like t-shirts, cups, and other goods, the technique for converting an HP printer to a sublimation printer may be a practical choice.

What is a Sublimation Printer, and How Does it Work? 

Sublimation printing is a printing technique that uses heat and ink to embed a pattern into a substance or textile. Sublimation printers generate brilliant, full-color pictures on a variety of substrates, such as polyester textiles and ceramic goods, by employing particular ink and transfer paper.

Using sublimation ink, an artwork is first printed onto sublimation transfer paper to begin the procedure. When heated, the ink is specifically designed to transform into a vapor, enabling it to be applied to the target surface.

The material is then positioned over the picture on the transfer paper, which is subsequently warmed using a heat press. As a result of the heat, the ink transforms into a gas that penetrates the fabric’s fibers and colors them with the picture.

For the ink to enter the fibers of the substance being produced, sublimation printers rely on the fact that the ink first transforms into a gas prior to becoming fluid. This enables the fabrication of bright, full-color pictures that are impervious to aging and breaking. The sublimation ink is excellent to put in a heat press since it is extremely resistant to degradation by pressure or temperature.

Generally, sublimation printing is preferred for producing high-quality, full-color graphics on a variety of surfaces due to its many benefits over other printing techniques.

Moreover, it is resilient, produces vivid colors, is adaptable enough to be used in ceramics as well as textiles, is economical, and is good for the environment.

What do you Need to Convert your HP Printer to a Sublimation Printer?

You may experiment with a number of printing inks and techniques, such as sublimation to print mugs and t-shirts by yourself at home. Using sublimation, you may make one-of-a-kind graphics that appear to have been printed directly on the cloth using specialized heat transfer paper. But sublimation printers really aren’t incredibly cheap; you may turn your own printer into a sublimation printer. The following is a list of everything you’ll need:

  • HP Printer
  • Permanent Marker
  • Sublimation paper 
  • A set of sublimation ink

You may Start Your Conversion With A Fresh HP Printer or use an old HP printer to make your hp printer into a sublimation printer. It is better and cost-efficient to use an old printer since any faults may damage the new one, resulting in canceling the warranty and leaving the printer in unusable condition.

A crucial step in the procedure is using sublimation inks and sheets. The proper sublimation sheets and inks are essential since they directly affect the caliber of your finished piece. Be careful to investigate before buying your materials because there are several varieties of sublimation inks and sheets. The sheet and ink should correspond in order to print or engrave. Moreover, the intended result necessitates the use of high-quality components.

What do you Need to Convert your HP Printer to a Sublimation Printer?

How to Convert HP Printer to Sublimation Printer?

It might be difficult and not always feasible to transform an HP printer into a sublimation printer. You may try converting your printer by performing the following actions:

Swapping Out The Printhead

HP printers use thermal inkjet printheads, which have no ability to press down to the ink used for sublimation. In order to enable them to compress ink droplets that produce the picture, you must first change the printhead with a piezo printhead.

Swapping Out The Ink Cartridges

Replace the refillable cartridges in place of the ones that were sent with the printer. Certain printers have printheads and ink cartridges incorporated right into the machine. Ensure that your printer’s printhead is not linked to the cartridges; if it is, you won’t be capable of removing the cartridges and replacing them with reusable cartridges.

Set Up The Sublimation Ink

Put on protective gear and add sublimation ink one at a time to the fresh syringes. Simply fill the ink cartridges after placing the syringes inside. You’ve completed your task. Activate the printer, select coated sublimation material in the printer’s settings, and then begin working.


What Printers can be Converted to Sublimation?

Nearly all Piezo Print Technology printers may be easily converted to work with sublimation. Sublimation typically uses inkjet printers like Epson, hp, and Brother. Unfortunately, thermal printhead printers will not get utilized with sublimation.

This compilation of the top printers for sublimation allows you to utilize them for both converting and sublimation.

  • Epson EcoTank ET-2720
  • Epson Artisan 1430
  • Epson WorkForce WF-7710
  • Epson EcoTank ET-2750

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What HP Printer can be Converted to Sublimation?

HP has unveiled its cutting-edge continuous ink supply system printers. These printers provide alternatives to using printing cartridges. Moreover, HP produces a line of printers known as HP Smart Tank Printers.

These printers employ releasable ink tanks with a high capacity. These ink tanks are completely functional with sublimation since they provide a practical and hassle-free ink replenishment. Following are the topmost HP printers for sublimation printing:

  • HP OfficeJet K8600 dn Inkjet Printer
  • HP Photosmart D7263 Inkjet Printer
  • HP Deskjet F4583 Inkjet Printer

Is HP Smart Tank Good for Sublimation?

No. The HP Smart Tank isn’t suitable for sublimation printing. The HP Smart Tank is an inkjet printer; therefore, dye-based ink cannot be used for sublimation printing. Customized sublimation dyes are needed for sublimation printing because they are created to change from a liquid to a vapor when heated, enabling them to connect with the medium.

Can I Use Sublimation Ink in a Normal Printer?

Unfortunately, a regular printer may not utilize sublimation ink. A printer with printheads that don’t utilize heat to place ink is needed to create sublimation heat transfers since ink for sublimation heat transfers must be heated to activate it. 

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