why is my lorex not connecting

Why is My Lorex Not Connecting? (Troubleshooting Steps & Solutions)

The modern world is full l of issues around security, in which people try to find many solutions through modern technology. This is where the discussion of Lorex surveillance cameras comes into the spotlight. Dunhua Technology, the mother company of the Lorex video camera company, acquired it in 2018. This company is nearly 22 years old as it was born in 2001 and originated in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. However, these cameras sometimes have trouble with the connection procedure. Hence why we will be investigating why my Lorex is not connecting; this awe-inspiring article will provide you answers you have been searching for.

Why is My Lorex Not Connecting?

Lorex, as mentioned earlier, is a video surveillance camera that is used massively throughout the world. However, while their products are used globally, people have been experiencing connection problems with these cameras. There can be many reasons behind this disconnection and connecting issues which we will discuss in this segment.

  • First, you might need to properly connect your codes to the cameras, which can lead to connectivity issues.
  • If you have a low Wi-Fi speed or bandwidth, you will most likely experience connectivity issues with your cameras.
  • The more distanced the cameras are from your Wi-Fi, the cameras will need to be appropriately connected.
  • An outdated and not-maintained Lorex application will not help you with the connection issues you are facing.
  • You will have to ensure you have been charging the cameras properly to expect a better connection as well.

The reasons mentioned above highly impact the connectivity of the Lorex cameras. Thus it is best if you take proper actions toward eliminating these reasons to experience the functionality of the Lorex products successfully. If not, you will be left with nothing but worries about security and disappointment about your investment in Lorex products.

How to Fix Lorex Not Connecting?

Fixing the connectivity issues with the Lorex security cameras is a crucial step that you should be paying much attention to. Thus it will be better to buckle up and get ready to fix your connection issues with us and our proper guidelines. These solutions are affordable and simple; thus, you will be fixing those connectivity issues and getting back into the A game in your surveillance.

The first procedure of fixing the connection issues with the Lorex cameras

  • First and foremost, unplug the cameras from the power to make them rest for a little while from the constant rush of electricity going through them.
  • Let your cameras rest for about 30 seconds to 1 minute as it will make sure to adjust any complication that was going on with your cameras and the electricity.
  • Then plug the cameras back in and wait a little while for the cameras to come back online as new as ever.

Unfortunately, the issue still exists as before, even after you have followed this exciting guideline. In that case, you should remove the cameras from the Wi-Fi and re-add them for better functionality without connection issues.

  • First of all, open the Wi-Fi connectivity app>> go to the “devices”>>select the cameras that you will be removed from your Wi-Fi arena>> click on “remove device”>> reset the cameras using the criteria mentioned above>>open the Lorex app>>log in or sign up>> set up all the cameras back into the Wi-Fi.

Besides these solutions, you can bring your cameras closer to the Wi-Fi.

If not, you will have to check the plug INS of the cameras as there will be cable loosened on the cameras as well.

Then, consider implementing a fiber optics cable to have a better internet connection.

Why Can't I Connect to the Lorex App

Why Can’t I Connect to the Lorex App?

As you finally successfully fixed the connection issues with your Lorex cameras, now, you are faced with complications with the connection of the Lorex app. This could also be a big issue as you will need help to control your cameras and their functionality remotely. Thus you will have to acknowledge the exact reasons behind the sudden problems of connection issues with the Lorex app as well. Here are some of the reasons why this would happen.

  • As mentioned earlier, if you have a loose Wi-Fi connection or a low bandwidth in the Wi-Fi that you have been equipping the cameras and the app with Wi-Fi, you have connection issues.
  • If you are away from the Wi-Fi, you will have connection issues.
  • Despite these common reasons, there might be a problem with your logging-in credentials in which you might need to remember the passwords and the user names.
  • Moreover, the accumulated cache and cookies also can cause connectivity issues with your Lorex app.
  • If there is a problem with the Lorex app server, you might have connection problems which will be unresolvable until the Lorex team resolve their issues.

Thus, these reasons describe your inability to connect with the Lorex app. Therefore now you can work on connecting again with your cameras by finding solutions for those reasons.

Why does My Lorex App Say Network Error?

If your troubleshooting finally got an answer and it doesn’t seem to make sense, you will be irritated as a demon in the seven hells. Hence, we are here to make the response to the troubleshooting more reasonable to you.

Suppose the answer says there is a “network error,” even while you have a perfectly matched Wi-Fi connection. You will be wondering why.

The main reason is there is a high possibility that you are having trouble with the DVR or NVR Lorex communication with your Wi-Fi. A faulty internal setting on the DVR or NVR Lorex will cause this. Thus, you must check the DVR, the NVR, and the Earth net cable.

How do I Reset My Lorex?

One of the solutions for the connectivity issues of the Lorex cameras is resetting those cameras, which will take them into their original form in which the later added features and the settings will be transformed into the manufactured settings as well. Thus, you reset a Lorex DVR NR900 and N881/N882 versions.

  • First of all, make sure to plug in your DVR.
  • Then press the FN button for a while, which will make your Lorex restart as well.

Now on how to reset the DVR N861 version,

  • Just like before, you are going to plug in your DVR.
  • Tap the panic button constantly and make sure the Lorex monitor is also viewed on your monitor.
  • This vision will confirm that you have successfully resettled the cameras as well.

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