why is my amazon plug blinking red

Why is my Amazon Plug Blinking Red? (Common Causes & Solutions)

Even if there are many internet retailers where you can get inexpensive smart plugs, it remains preferable to choose a dependable product such as an Amazon Smart plug. The most common cause of an Amazon Smart Plug malfunctioning is a connection issue. Perhaps the network’s configurations have become out of date or inaccurate, or the smart plug is unable to link to the internet for a variety of reasons. Then, why is my Amazon plug blinking red?

This post will go through the Amazon Smart Plug’s light up indicators and how to fix the Blinking Red Amazon Smart Plug problem. Also, learn how to factory reset the gadget.

How Does the Amazon Smart Plug Work and What Is It?

The well liked technologies for smart homes have been reimagined by the e-commerce behemoth as the Amazon Smart Plug.

Simply put it into a standard outlet; it is discreet and inconspicuous. The smart plug’s ability to conserve a second outlet is a wonderful addition.

For further assurance that the plug gets electricity from the outlet, a little LED is located on the exterior of the device.

Although you don’t own an Echo smart speaker, your house can still benefit from having an Amazon Smart Plug. You can build up routines as well as timetables for the things you want to automate using the app.

You may turn across the Alexa app’s function that randomly switches the illumination between on and off modes to give the impression someone is around even though you’re not there.

What do the Amazon Smart Plug’s Indication Lights Mean?

  • The gadget is turned on if the color is solid blue.
  • Equipment is prepared for setup if it is blue flashing.
  • The setup is underway, as shown by a blue flashing light.
  • No network configuration or connectivity has run out. Hence the indicator is flashing red.
  • The device is turned off.

Why is my Amazon Plug Blinking Red?

There may be issues with the smart plug’s connectivity to Alexa if the red LED indication on the Amazon Smart socket is flickering rapidly. Usually, it’s simply a small mistake that you can avoid very quickly.

Only if a communication problem exists will the appropriate light appear. Therefore you must take adequate care to fix any small code errors. If the red light on the smart plug is flashing, there is a problem with the appliance that has to be rectified.

  • Networking issues
  • Power failure
  • Improper network configuration
  • Connection problem

These represent a few of the principal offenders behind this technological flaw. Regardless of the cause, we have the ideal answer for you.

How Can I Fix the Red Blinking Problem on my Amazon Smart Plug

How Can I Fix the Red Blinking Problem on my Amazon Smart Plug?

This problem often means that the connection to the internet is having issues. As a result, you must first test out these procedures.

  • Verify the internet connection to start the procedure. Verify that it is functioning properly and that your router is receiving the right signals. Make sure all of your devices belong to the exact same network.
  • Make sure there are nearly 6 feet separating the router as well as the Smart Plug.
  • Verify the software as well as hardware upgrades. Whenever updates are offered, download and set up them.
  • Reset both the router plus the Smart Plug final.

The simplest solution is to restart the Smart Plug. Although this problem is typically minor, it occasionally causes the user trouble. Try unplugging the smart plug and waiting a few moments before trying it again.

Test to see if the LED indicator is still flashing by plugging in the smart plugin again. The smart plug should now be able to connect to Alexa without any problems, provided there are no severe problems with it.

The LED may flash red if a gadget is using too much energy from the socket. Try unplugging the connected device.

The smart plug could be blinking red if you often use the same outlet, which might indicate that the electrical outlet is having a problem. To test whether a different one resolves the problem, try using it.

Poor Wi-Fi connectivity can be the cause of your smart plug’s problems. Using a Wi-Fi troubleshooting program like PRTG Network Monitor while attempting to link to the home’s Wi-Fi connection on a computer or mobile device can allow you to verify this. No problems related to the smart plug could occur if the link is robust.

Consider relocating the plug nearer to your router when the link is spotty. Ensure you’re using the latest firmware as well as the app for your smart plugs because many new gadgets and software upgrades have been published in the past several years.

The smart connection may be becoming older if you have experienced problems with it, yet it continues to be glowing red. If you’re unhappy with the plug’s efficiency, you may swap it out for a newer one.

How Can an Amazon Smart Plug Be Reset?

A reset can solve many common issues with your Amazon Smart Plug when it’s not functioning.

  • Press the icon on the back of your Smart Plug after making sure it is hooked into a functional power source.
  • Hold down the power button till the Smart Plug’s glowing LED goes red.
  • Watch for the blue LED to begin flashing.
  • Plug reset takes place when the LED begins to flicker blue.
  • You must re-configure the plug before using it again.

How Can an Amazon Smart Plug Be Factory Reset?

As demonstrated below, insert the smart plug into a functional wall outlet. After multiple red flashes, the pilot light will either start flashing blue or switch off completely, as seen in the following image.

Locate the Action button shown in the following image and indicated by the blue line. Keep pressing it in till the front light begins to flicker red.

You could initially notice the front pilot bulb flashing blue and red. In such a case, continue to hold down the Action button till all that is left is a red light blinking alternately on and off, and the blue stops.

Watch for the red light to start blinking. The pilot bulb should not have any blue in it. After you let off the button, the factory reset begins after a few seconds of the LED being solidly red.

Last but not least, the light starts to flicker blue. As a result, the Amazon smart plug has become available for installation or purchase, and the factory reset has been successfully completed.

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