Why Does My Valorant Update Keep Pausing

Why Does My Valorant Update Keep Pausing? Fix the Issue with These Tips

The world filled with technological architecture allows the mundane to live a fantasy in reality while the minds of humans are gulped in video games for entertainment. Thus one of those entertaining games can be designated as Valorant, a free-to-play first-person tactical hero shooter play manufactured and published by Riot Games, especially for Windows. The game came into existence in 2019, and since then, it has found millions of followers worldwide. However, with the game’s fast growth, the company introduced many updates with many amazing features. Nevertheless, these updates sometimes have errors which one might question: why does my Valorant update pause? Which will be answered in this article.

Why Does Valorant Update Keep Pausing?

Valorant as a game has been making its name a massive success since its origin. However, as we mentioned in the introduction, the game still comes with occasional errors, like the update pausing occasionally. Therefore to ensure that this issue is solved, one might require the exact causes behind the issue, which will be presented to you in this segment.

First of all, the most prominent reasons behind the pause of the update issue can be a fault of the internet connection or the insufficiency of the space in your pc to hold the update.

Moving on from these main reasons, there are some obscure causes behind the issue, which could also cause the pausing issue.

If you have multiple applications processing simultaneously on the same pc, it will cause the processor to be busy with a long list of work in which the update will be paused for procrastination. The same procedure happens if multiple devices are connected to the same internet connection developing more traffic which could pause the update.

A problematic Domain Name System (DNS) attached to your internet connection is another reason behind this issue, while the windows defender firewall also could be blocking the update with a wrong perspective in mind about the Riot client and its game files.

How To Fix The Valorant Update That Keeps Pausing?

Now as we have already discussed the causes behind the Valorant update pausing issue, it is time to discover the possible solutions that will aid us in solving the problem and start gaming with the newest updates and features. Thus here are some of the solutions you could take on to resume your update download.

First, you could easily solve this problem by fixing your unstable internet connection. You could presume further in this step by simply resetting the network settings,


Next, you could consider any issues with your router, if there are any. To do so, you may need to rest your router as well. Thus, to reset your router, make sure you unplug the router and stay idle for about 1 0or 2 minutes straight, plug the router back in, and wait for it to form the connection back in.

Then moving on to simpler solutions, if you have multiple apps working on your PC at the moment of the download, your PC must be working hard to manage the traffic and, on the download. Thus the download will be postponed. Therefore ensure that you do not run background applications while downloading the update.

Furthermore, we mentioned that if you have restricted access to the Valorant bugs to enter the PC, the Windows firewall will block them. Therefore you need to allow the Valorant bugs to access the pc through the firewall. To do that, you should follow the below path.


If any of these solutions do not work, consider restarting your computer, updating graphic drivers and resetting the game.

Why Is The New Valorant Update Not Working?

Fortunately, you have successfully downloaded the Valorant game update, and unfortunately, the game update is not working, launching or functioning according to its main function. Thus there must be clear and persistent reasons and causes for this ill effect. Therefore in this segment, we will be discussing what those are.

The reasons could be a software conflict, faulty game files or even compatibility issues. The earlier reasons we mentioned, insufficient storage, could also cause this ill effect. Moreover, Windows security might have detected the Valorant bugs as a serious security issue and might have blocked them from execution as well. Furthermore, if these issues have been occurring, you might need to run the update and the game as an administrator of the PC, which will easily solve the issue.

Why Is The New Valorant Update Not Working?

How Many MB Is The New Valorant Update?

The latest update of the Valorant has been released, which is the 6.0 version of the game, which has variations up to the 6.11 patchwork. Thus the update brings many more features into the game than the existing update. However, the global gamers trying to download the update might view the size of the file to be much larger than it regularly is as the size is 4GM which means it contains features that are worth 4096Mb on the latest update. Thus, the update might become one of the greatest hits of all time in Valorant history.

Why Is My Val Update Stuck At 0.1 KB?

After all that you have done, the download is still stuck at the 0.1KB point, even after staring at the download for about an hour without anything running in the background. Thus, this situation calls for some help and serious reasoning.

This situation normally appears when the PC software is not updated, which means that you have not updated the Windows version of your computer to the latest update. Moreover, if you have an antivirus program running on the PC, it will prevent the download from completion at any cost. Furthermore, this download stuck at 0.1 KB still can affect the work of MSI afterburner, Riva Tuner or even Discord.

The MSI afterburner, Riva Tuner and Discord are known as the slowdown download processes. The commonly known AVG or Avast programs are antivirus programs that could cause this effect.

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