Track A Stolen Laptop With A Serial Number

How To Track A Stolen Laptop With A Serial Number? Comprehensive Guide

Losing a laptop, whether by theft or misplacement, can be troubling, especially if it contains important data and personal information. The laptop’s serial number is essential information that can help locate the device. The laptop must be identified and located using this special identification code, which consists of six sets of two figures. How to track a stolen laptop with a serial number? The serial number can be used in this article to improve your chances of finding your stolen laptop and regain your peace of mind.

What Immediate Steps Should I Take If My Laptop Gets Stolen?

You must act quickly to protect your personal information and improve the chance of recovering the laptop if it is stolen. The following are the essential steps to take.

  • Account password changes- Change your email password first. It can be used to reset passwords for others. Set up two-factor authentication (2FA) for increased protection and change your online accounts’ passwords to strong and unique.
  • Clear payment and autofill information- Disable autofill in your web browsers to prevent unwanted access to accounts. Remove payment information and saved passwords from e-commerce accounts.
  • Deauthorize your device- Remotely turn off online services on your laptop. You can log out of your account. Then remove access from your lost device with the help of companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook.
  • Track and remote-wipe- If your laptop is online, use the ‘find my device’ tools to find it and wipe it remotely. You can lock it, mark it missing, or remotely remove the information inside.
  • Financial institutions to be notified- Contact your bank and credit card companies to inform them of any possible unauthorized transactions. Consider locking down your accounts and regularly monitoring activity.
  • Notify your employer- Inform your company immediately if it’s a work laptop because they might have more tracking or data recovery options.
  • Report the manufacturer and the police- Inform local law enforcement about the theft and provide them with your laptop’s serial number. Manufacturers may offer assistance in cases of stolen devices.

You can reduce possible risks and raise your chances of finding or securing your stolen laptop by quickly taking the safety precautions listed above.

Where To Find The Serial Number Of A Laptop?

There are various ways to find a laptop’s serial number.

  • Run the WMIC command- If you are using Windows 10 or 8, you can open Command Prompt by right-clicking the Start button and choosing ‘Command Prompt.’ Press ‘Enter’ after typing ‘wmic bios get the serial number. You can see the serial number on display.
  • Check the BIOS- Access the BIOS or UEFI firmware settings window during startup. The system information section might include a list of serial numbers.
  • Find the serial number on the Hardware, Box, or Sticker- You might notice a sticker with the serial number on the underside of laptops. It may also be found on the laptop’s original box or packaging.

You can quickly find your laptop’s special serial number using any of these techniques for identification and support.

Is It Possible To Track A Stolen Laptop Using Its Serial Number?

The answer is yes. It is possible to track a stolen laptop using its serial number. Law enforcement can use the laptop’s unique serial number to find and recover the stolen item. They can start the tracking procedure by reporting the theft to the police and giving them the laptop’s serial number.

Users can install third-party tracking software before theft happens. Some laptops have built-in tracking functions. The serial number is a significant piece of information. It helps in the recovery process and increases the probability of finding the stolen laptop.

Is It Possible To Track A Stolen Laptop Using Its Serial Number?

What Information Does The Laptop Serial Number Have?

The laptop serial number contains a unique alphanumeric code is serves as an identifier for the specific device. You can check for a sticker or label on the bottom of the laptop, which may include the product number, model number, and warranty length to find the serial number.

The serial number might be on a sticker under the battery for laptops with removable batteries. Additionally, you can access the serial number through the laptop’s system settings. Open Settings, click on System, select About, and you will find the serial number listed under Windows specifications. This information is crucial for product identification, warranty validation, and support purposes.

How To Track A Stolen Laptop With A Serial Number?

It is possible to locate a stolen laptop using its serial number, but specific processes and tools are needed. The serial number on the laptop is a unique identification that helps manufacturers track and identify specific machines.

You can first get in contact with the nearby police and give them the serial number to help with their inquiry if you want to track a stolen laptop using it. If you registered your laptop with a central network administrator, they could be able to track or monitor the device using the serial number’s MAC address.

If the stolen laptop is connected to the internet, Microsoft’s ‘Find My Device’ tool for Windows computers can be useful in locating it. Ensure the feature is turned on and connected to your Microsoft account for successful tracking.

Installing tracking software from a third party, like the Prey Project, can also help you find the stolen laptop. Always maintain the serial number securely and take safety precautions to prevent laptop theft.

How To Protect The Data Of A Stolen Laptop?

Data security is essential to protect and prevent unwanted access to important information on a stolen laptop. These actions will safeguard your data:

Invest in a laptop security lock- When left your laptop unattended, lock it up with a laptop lock to increase security.

Use the appropriate laptop security software- When using unprotected networks, install antivirus software like McAfee Small Business Security to protect your laptop from hackers.

Create a data backup- Regularly backup your data to the cloud and an external hard drive to ensure that important data is safe even if your laptop is stolen.

Using a VPN- Use a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your browsing data and improve security when using public networks.

Pack smart- Use a case with RFID blockers and locked compartments to protect your laptop and data when travelling.

Encrypt your data- Encrypt your hard drive using BitLocker (for Windows) or third-party software like Absolute Home & Office to make your data inaccessible even if the laptop is taken.

Enable tracking for laptops- If your laptop is stolen, activate features like ‘Find My Device’ (Windows) or ‘Find My’ (MacOS) to find it and lock it.

Act promptly if stolen- Take immediate action if your laptop is stolen. Call the police, inform your bank, register an insurance claim, and contact the manufacturer of your laptop by providing the serial number.

Protect personal information- To stop unauthorized access to your accounts and information, remotely wipe your data, reset passwords, turn off autofill, and remove browsing history.

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