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The Beats Studio Buds Case is Not Charging – Troubleshooting Tips!

Beats Electronic LLC, an American consumer audio manufacturer, brings out a soulful tone and mind. The founder/owner + music producer Dr. Dre implemented the headquarters located in California. However, the fantastic products of this audio manufacturer sometimes fall into the depth of darkness with rare complications like Beats studio buds case not charging. Therefore it is vital to know why these complications are happening, how to fix them, and the rate of the longevity of the beats studio buds case, hence why we bring you this article full of truths and liabilities.

Why is my Beats Studio Buds Case not Charging?

There can be millions of reasons why your Beats studio buds suddenly decide to stop charging. Therefore to find solutions to this drastic dilemma, we must acknowledge the reasons behind the termination of the charging procedure.

Your beats studio buds case might not charge due to slight software glitches. If you are a lazy Ron, the dirty charging port you last cleaned for millennia will be the reason for this issue.

The bitten and destroyed charging port or the wall adapter is another reason your beats bud case is not charging.

Your laziness can significantly affect the cease of setting the Beats studio buds case as tons of dust particles might accumulate in the charging port hence why you must give up the old habits to take the necessary precautions to solve this burning issue. The reasons mentioned above are most likely to be the death of your Beats studio buds.

How does the Charging Process for Beats Studio Buds Case Typically Work?

To prevent future mishaps from taking place with your Beats studio buds, you should comprehend the best way to charge your earbuds. Therefore we are here to help you with the exact procedure of charging the earbuds.

  • Put the earbuds in the charging case.
  • Connect the charging case to the power outlet utilizing the given USB-C cable.
  • You will see a pair of charging earbuds.

This procedure is done while the earbuds are in the case. However, we can charge the earbuds without them in the case, which will be explained later in the article.

How Do I Know If My Beats Studio Buds Case is Charging?

Charging your Beats studio buds is only a complete procedure if you are cautious and investigate whether the buds are charging. Therefore, to check whether it is charging, you can swim through the surface of your Beats studio buds case to detect a green or a blue light that signs the charging procedure.

If a red light powers the issue, it is signing that the charge level is less than 40%. If so, it would be better to recharge your studio buds.

Checking these lights will benefit you in the long run as you face fewer complications with the charging procedure.

How to Fix the Beats Studio Buds Case Not Charging?

Fixation of the cease of charging in your Beats studio buds is crucial as the soulless tones carried through the Beats buds will take you to a fantasy world. Thus acknowledging the ways of solving this problem will be presented to you by us.

  • First, we will see how to fix the studio bud not charging because of dirt.

It would help if you cleaned the earbuds as they can be washed at home without a terrific procedure to follow. Remove the charging cable and clean the earbuds using cotton damped with clean, lukewarm water.

  • Now we will see how to solve the software issues that cause charging complications.

You should reset the software(application), as it will solve the issue.

  • Charging complications that arise as a result of power issues can be solved by checking the power outlets.

Using and following these precautions solves the issues of charging your Beats studio buds.

How do I Check the Battery on My Beats Studio Buds Case

How do I Check the Battery on My Beats Studio Buds Case?

More than satisfaction from performing the charging procedure is required for the correct maintenance and care of the Beats studio buds.

You might be thinking that the buds are charged, but, in reality, they might not be set. Therefore it is crucial to check the charging level of the Beats studio buds.

If you are an iphone,ipad, or iPod Touch user, you can use the “Today View” application to see the charging level. If you are a Mac user, go to the Bluetooth menu and select the beats studio buds option to check the battery level. Also, if you are an Android user, use the Beats app to check the battery level.

How Long does the Beats Studio Buds Case Last?

 If you are charging your Beats studio buds, expect a long-lasting battery. You should acknowledge the longevity of the charging procedure when your battery is 100% fully charged.

Thus the Beats studio buds, which are fully charged, will provide the user with up to nine hours of playback.

If you use it with the case, you will receive 36 hours of playback time. The added” fast fuel” feature will give you an hour of playback after 5 minutes of charging.

Thus, acknowledging the time zone in which the battery will last will benefit you, as you can keep the battery from dying as you recharge the battery.

How do you Charge Beats Wireless Earbuds without a Case?

Acknowledging any issue with your earbuds starts with comprehending the procedure of charging the device first. Therefore it is vital to know how to set the device properly, as the lack of this initial knowledge can cause damage to the earbuds as well. Thus, be cautious about following the steps when charging your Beats studio buds without the earbuds in the case.

  • Take the buds out of the case
  • Connect the given charging cable to the case
  • Connect the other end of the line to a plug point.
  • Search for the light indicator alarming you that the charging process is successful.

If you want to preserve more power and see the battery last long, put them in the charging case when you are also not using them. Upon completing this process and the earlier charging process, you will be presented with a 100% charged battery.

How Long does the Studio Buds Case Take to Charge?

It will be beneficial to know how much time the studio buds case takes to fully charge so that you will be prepared for the next charging session without losing your fun and excitement.

Thus if the earbuds are completely drained out of battery, the Beats studio buds will take about two hours to charge fully.

Moreover, 5 minutes of charging time give the user 1 hour of playback time, known as the fast fuel feature. Thus, you will have to check the battery level from the earlier methods to see if the earbuds were partially drained out of the battery.

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