SimpliSafe Camera Night Vision Not Working

SimpliSafe Camera Night Vision Not Working? [FIXED]

As night vision plays a critical role in the SimpliSafe camera’s operation, prompt action is a must if the SimpliSafe Camera’s night vision is not working.

When the SimpliSafe night vision does not work, in most situations, it can be corrected in an instance by enabling the night vision from the SimpliSafe app. Let’s dig deep and find the best solution.

How to Turn on Night Vision on SimpliSafe Camera?

The first thing you need to check if your SimpliSafe camera’s night vision not working is to check the night vision setting in the SimpliSafe app, whether the setting is turned off or on.

Usually, the night vision setting of SimpliSafe is located under the Camera settings in the SimpliSafe app. If the night vision is not toggled “on” for the concerned camera, the night vision will not work. The night vision of SimpliSafe will also be enabled if you choose “auto” as well.

You have to keep in mind that if the night vision setting is turned off in the app, the camera will rely on the environment’s light to provide the pictures. If the light is poor at the place where is placed, the video it captures would be darker. 

How to Fix SimpliSafe Camera Night Vision Not Working?

If you have turned on the night vision option and still face SimpliSafe night vision issues, we recommend you try the following fixes.


Any physical barrier in front of the camera, such as spider webs, dirt, or smudges on the lens, can impact the effectiveness of SimpliSafe night vision. 

Issues with Infrared or Daylight Sensor

The camera may fail to switch to night vision automatically due to malfunctions in the infrared light or daylight sensor. 

Reset the camera

You can always try resetting the camera to fix the night vision problems of SimpliSafe cameras. However, keep in mind that when you reset the camera, the video files will get deleted as well as the previous settings you have applied

Power Issues

Check the power source, whether it’s wired or battery-powered. The reason why, night vision requires a consistent power supply and fluctuations or low battery levels can impact its functionality.

Camera Placement

Night vision range varies by the SimpliSafe model you own. If the camera is too far from the area you want to monitor, the IR illumination might not reach, resulting in inadequate night vision coverage.

Firmware/Software Updates

Updates often include improvements and bug fixes. Therefore, ensure the camera’s firmware and software are up-to-date to address any potential issues affecting night vision performance.

If nothing works for you, the last option we recommend is to contact SimpliSafe for help


Does SimpliSafe Original Version Camera Have Night Vision?

Yes, both old (original) and Gen 3 Versions of SimpliSafe cameras are equipped with the night vision feature. It doesn’t matter the SimpliSafe Gen you own to enjoy night vision capability.

Does Weather Affect the Camera’s Night Vision?

Yes, extreme weather conditions, like heavy rain or fog, can impact the effectiveness of night vision. Consider placing the camera under a shelter to protect it from direct exposure to such elements.

Is it Normal for Night Vision to Flicker When First Activated?

Yes, based on our experience, some flickering can occur as the camera adjusts to low-light conditions. However, constant flickering is not normal and might indicate a power issue or a malfunction. We recommend addressing this issue with SimpliSafe Customer Service if the issue persists.


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