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SimpliSafe App Not Showing Devices? [SOLVED]

Not seeing the devices you have connected to your SimpliSafe app? Well, when the devices you added to your SimpliSafe app are not visible, you tend get panic, but you don’t have to.

We are confident that we can help you out and fix the issue with the first-hand experience we have with SimpliSafe home security systems and its app. Let’s start.

Why is the SimpliSafe App Not Showing Devices?

More often than not, when the SimpliSafe app does not show the integrated devices, it’s due to synchronization issues. However, according to our testing, there can be other culprits. Let us explain them to you one by one.

SimpliSafe Account Synchronization Issues

If you see all your devices on the SimpliSafe desktop app, but the mobile app does not recognize the installed systems, it says there is a synchronization problem between the SimpliSafe app and the user’s account.

Solution: You can try logging out and logging back into the SimpliSafe app to fix the issue and see the connected devices on your SimpliSafe app. In addition, you should regularly check for and install any available updates to address potential software glitches in the app. If problems persist after updating, contacting SimpliSafe’s technical support for further assistance is recommended.

Multiple Account Management Issues

We’ve seen instances where users managing multiple SimpliSafe systems under different accounts have difficulties in the app recognizing systems from secondary accounts. The app might show the systems, especially at the point of setting up, but tends to disappear when they upgrade or downgrade to a different SimpliSafe subscription.

Solution: If you are managing multiple accounts, we suggest you ensure each account is distinct and properly logged out before switching to another. Clearing the SimpliSafe app cache is another solution to overcome this issue, as usually the cache on apps keeps the memory of previous actions you took in order to help the app work faster. 

Cancellation or Changes in Service Plans

The SimpliSafe might not show the devices right after you cancel the monthly subscription as well. Changes you make to your SimpliSafe seem to take a bit of time to reflect on the app. So, during the transition period, the app might prevent you from seeing the connected devices. 

Solution: If you change your current SimpliSafe subscription, we recommend you informing it to the SimpliSafe support team. They will ensure the change is correctly reflected on the app preventing issues.

Note:  You cannot downgrade from the current plan without informing SimpliSafe although upgrading is possible via the mobile or web app. 

In addition,

Compatibility Issues

The version of your device’s operating system and the SimpliSafe app version might not always be compatible, leading to functionality problems. In this case, you should verify that the device’s operating system is compatible with the latest version of the SimpliSafe app

Server Issues

We have come across problems on SimpliSafe’s server end that affect app functionality. In cases where the problem might be on SimpliSafe’s server end, the best course of action is to contact SimpliSafe’s customer support.


What is the Maximum Number of Devices You can Connect to the SimpliSafe App? 

For the newer SimpliSafe systems (like the SimpliSafe 3), you can connect up to 100 sensors and devices. This includes a combination of entry sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors, and other compatible home security devices.

How Long Does it Take for Account Changes to Reflect in the SimpliSafe App?

According to our experience, it may take a short period for changes made to your account or service plan to be updated in the app. If your devices don’t show up after a reasonable time, consider reaching out to SimpliSafe’s customer support.

How do I Ensure My Phone’s Operating System is Compatible with the SimpliSafe App?

You can check the app requirements in the App Store or Play Store and compare them with your phone’s operating system version. Update your phone’s OS if necessary.

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