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SimpliSafe App Not Sending Notifications? [Causes and Fixes]

If you’re not receiving notifications from the SimpliSafe app, it hinders your ability to respond quickly to alerts from your security system, making it an important issue to address.

In this guide, we will provide you with the exact reasons why your SimpliSafe not sending notifications and how you can fix it. Let’s start!

SimpliSafe App Not Sending Notifications (Causes and Fixes)

We have come across some potential issues preventing SimpliSafe from sending alerts on the app. Let us explain to you everything in detail.

Your SimpliSafe System is not Functioning Correctly

If your SimpliSafe system is not working as it should, you won’t receive push notifications on the app.

To check if your SimpliSafe system is working properly, you can follow these steps:

  • Check System Status – Log into the SimpliSafe app or the web interface. Look for any alerts or system status notifications.
  • Test Sensors – Manually test each sensor (door/window, motion, etc.) to ensure they are active and triggering the system as expected.
  • Check Connectivity – Ensure your base station is online and connected to your home network.
  • Test Alarms – Conduct a system test by triggering the alarm to verify it sounds and sends notifications.
  • Review Camera Feed – If your system includes cameras, check their live feeds to confirm they are operational.

You Have not Turned on Push Notifications on the App

If the push notification alerts are not turned on the app or done incorrectly, you will not receive notifications on the SimpliSafe app. Here is how to turn on notifications in the SimpliSafe app.

Turning on Push Notifications on the SimpliSafe App

From your SimpliSafe app > My System > Alerts & Notifications > Turn on the Push Notifications.

Here you will see what notifications you want to receive on your SimpliSafe app such as alarm notifications, warnings, and general alerts. 

Turning on SimpliSafe Camera Notifications

From your SimpliSafe app > Cameras > Gear Icon (Settings) > Select the camera you want > Motion Detection. 

Even though you have activated the alerts on your SimpliSafe app, you won’t receive the push notifications if you have disabled push notifications for the SimpliSafe app from your device’s settings. 

So make sure you enable push notifications for the SimpliSafe app to receive alerts.

You are not in an Allowed Subscription (for SMS and Emails)

SimpliSafe allows SMS and Email alerts on Smartphones (not app push notifications) only for the users who are subscribed to either SimpliSafe’s self-monitoring with Camera Recordings or the Fast Protect plan.

Read our guide on “How to Change SimpliSafe Plan” If you want to upgrade your SimpliSafe Plan.

Network Connectivity

If your device isn’t connected to the internet or has weak connectivity, it might delay or stop the notifications.

App Updates

Outdated apps can develop performance issues. Ensure that you have the latest version of the SimpliSafe app installed.

Battery Optimization

On some devices, battery-saving modes can restrict the background processes, which might include app notifications. Check if your device is in such mode and consider tweaking your settings.

What are SimpliSafe Push Notifications?

SimpliSafe push notifications are alerts sent to your device through the SimpliSafe app. You can customize which notifications to receive, such as alerts for alarm triggers, arm/disarm events, sensor errors, power outages, and changes in alarm status. To receive these notifications, it’s essential to activate push notifications in the SimpliSafe app settings.

This proactive measure ensures you’re promptly informed about significant activities or system changes, keeping you connected to your home security status directly on your smartphone.

Can I Receive SimpliSafe Push Notifications if My Phone is in ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode?

Yes, if you have enabled “Critical Alerts” on alarm alerts, you can receive push notifications even when your device is in “Do not disturb” mode or silenced. 

When this feature is activated, SimpliSafe will display an alert on the lock screen of your phone and play a sound even when the device is set to silence mode. It’s important to note that you will receive only the push notifications that you have opted for in the app. 

How to Turn on SimpliSafe Critical Alerts on iPhone?

Enable Push Notifications for SimpliSafe

    • Go to iPhone Settings > Notifications > SimpliSafe.
    • Turn on ‘Allow Notifications’.

Enable Critical Alerts

    • In the same menu, toggle ‘Critical Alerts’ on.

Set Up Alarm Alerts in the SimpliSafe App

    • Open the SimpliSafe® app.
    • Navigate to: My System > Alerts & Notifications > Alarm Triggered > Push Notifications.
    • Turn this setting to ON.
    • Save your changes.

How to Turn on SimpliSafe Critical Alerts on Android?

Adjust Settings for Ring & Notification Volume

  • Open Android System Settings.
  • Select ‘Apps’, then ‘Special App Access’.
  • Choose ‘Do Not Disturb Access’.
  • Find SimpliSafe and enable the ‘Allow Do Not Disturb’ toggle.
  • Confirm any popups that appear.

Note: Your Android device won’t automatically return to silent or Do Not Disturb after this setting. You’ll need to manually reset these modes.


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