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Lorex vs Night Owl – (Features, Performance, Pricing & More)

Security and protection are priorities for most homeowners and residential buildings, so selecting the correct security camera brand is crucial. As a result of your hunt, Lorex and Night Owl are the two most popular options, with equal demand in the market. The camera outstands in the industry for its smart features and equal demand, which is why it is a tough decision when you have to select one. But comparing the features in Lorex vs. Night Owl can help you figure out the differences and what makes them significant.

Though the Lorex and Night Owl have an equal demand in the market, their features set them apart. Hence in this article, we will compare Lorex vs. Night Owl to select the right security camera brand according to your preferences.

Main Differences Between Lorex and Night Owl Security Systems

Since it is a tough choice to select the right security camera brand between Lorex and Night Owl, comparing the main differences in the system can help the situation. Thus, below we have compared and listed the key differences between Lorex vs. night owl.

  1. Night Owl uses the hardwired system in the security cameras to transfer audio and video through wires or cables to the central hub.
  2. You can only control the Night Owl through Google Assistant, but Lorex is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Ring, Google, and Apple.
  3. Lorex has been more popular than Night Owl since its establishment in the 90s.
  4. Night Owl has both wired and wireless product lines.
  5. Third-party monitoring centers can professionally examine Lorex security cameras.
  6. Lorex is made of temperature sensors that help to detect hotness and coolness using infrared data.
  7. Night Owl products used both DVR and NVR to record videos through cables.
  8. Lorex has 4K video quality.
  9. Night Owl has more device storage than Lorex.
  10. Lorex has better pixels producing more explicit pictures when recording.

Main Similarities Between Lorex and Night Owl Security Systems

Comparing and figuring out the similarities between Lorex and Night Owl security systems will also give a better idea about the two brands. Understanding the similarities also influences your decision to select the ideal security system for your job. Thus, we have listed the key similarities between Lorex and Night Owl below.

  1. Both Lorex and Night Owl cameras have long-range night vision.
  2. Lorex and Night Owl have Bullet and drone cameras.
  3. Products are purchased upfront.
  4. Does not have monthly subscription fees.
  5. The product systems are customizable in both Lorex and Night Owl. Hence, you can continuously record motion activates under a special schedule.
  6. Lorex and Night Owl have an app compatible with both Android and Apple that helps you monitor your system remotely from anywhere.
  7. Lorex and Night Owl use Local storage with SD cards and security-grade hard drives to record videos.
  8. Includes two-way voice communication feature.
  9. Has a wireless feature.
  10. Both Night Owl and Lorex are compatible with Google assistance. Hence voice commands can be used to control the functions.
  11. Both cameras are DIY friendly and can be installed by following the instructions. But Lorex was easier to install since the cameras were wireless with fewer cables to power. However, Night Owl, in contrast, was time-consuming because there were more cables and wires to connect, which needed to be clarified.

Price Comparison of Lorex vs Night Owl

Price Comparison of Lorex vs Night Owl

The price has a considerable impact when selecting a security system because it is also essential to consider your budget when you want to invest in security cameras.

However, when comparing Lorex and Night Owl, the Night Owl is affordable and cheaper than Lorex.

Lorex, security cameras start from $99 and increase up to $3000. However, the price is only determined by the number of cameras and the size of your home. Though Lorex security cameras are more costly than Night Owl, they do not charge any monthly payments because it is an upfront purchase.

The security cameras in Night Ow, in Comparison, start from $80 and up to $200 in total, but purchasing wireless gateway security systems can cost $400 to $600 and a la carte over $1000. Though Night Owl cameras are cheaper, they do not provide any professional monitoring during the installation. Thus, extra charges will be added for night owl professional monitoring.

Will Lorex Cameras Work with Night Owl DVR?

Though Lorex cameras do not need a DVR or NVR to record videos because they have an inbuilt Micro SD card, a DVR will be necessary if you want to record them on a hard drive.

Hence, you might question whether Lorex cameras work with night owl DVR. The good news is Lorex security cameras are compatible and can work with Night Owl DVR to record their videos. It is not only a Night Owl DVR; you can also use any DVR to record footage.

Can Lorex and Night Owl Cameras be Integrated with Other Smart Home Devices?

If you have a smart home, it is normal that most of your electrical devices are connected to smart assistance controlled. If you consider whether Lorex and Night Owl cameras can be integrated with smart home devices, the answer is yes.

Both night owl and Lorex are compatible with Google assistance and will integrate effectively with Google Home Security System. Hence, it makes controlling Night Owl and Lorex easier through voice commands.

But Lorex is more effective and compatible with smart home devices because they do not require detailed voice commands.

Apart from Google Assistant, Lorex is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Ring when connected through a compatible third-party device.

Are there any subscription plans or fees associated with Lorex night owl systems?

Lorex and Night Owl do not charge extra fees or subscription plans because they are upfront purchases. Thus, you must pay an advance when purchasing your products from Lorex and Night Owl. Lorex and Night charge extra because they cover future expenses.

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