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Kirkland Battery vs Duracell [ Longevity /Price / Performance]

Duracell batteries typically live longer than Kirkland batteries, although Kirkland batteries are less expensive. Users choose Kirkland batteries 80% of the time, which is high for a store-brand battery. Duracell, on the other hand, receives an 89% preference rating, giving them a more significant market share. For your convenience, we’ll compare Kirkland battery vs Duracell in this article.

Differences Between Kirkland and Duracell Batteries

Following are some facts to consider regarding the differences between Duracell vs Kirkland batteries. Let’s get a look.

  • Price: Compared to Duracell batteries, Kirkland batteries are often less priced.
  • Life Span: Duracell batteries last longer than Kirkland batteries in terms of shelf life. In storage, Kirkland batteries are warranted to last up to 7 years, whereas Duracell batteries are warranted to last up to 10.
  • Capacity: Kirkland batteries often have a lower capacity than Duracell batteries.
  • Features that are Unique: Duracell batteries frequently include unique characteristics, such as Duralock Power Preserve Technology, which allows batteries to continue to function their power even after extended storage
  • Design: Both batteries are similar in shape. However, they differ in terms of design. For instance, the copper top of Duracell batteries serves to increase conductivity and prevent leakage. This function is not present in Kirkland batteries.
  • Voltage: Battery voltage is 1.5V for both Kirkland and Duracell batteries. The majority of alkaline batteries operate at this standard voltage.

Which Battery Lasts Longer, Duracell or Kirkland Batteries?

According to independent tests and anecdotal data, Duracell batteries often have a longer life than Kirkland batteries in high-drain devices like cameras and toys.

Duracell batteries often keep their battery voltage for a longer duration compared to Kirkland batteries.

According to Consumer Reports research from 2018, Duracell AA batteries sustained for about 395 minutes in high-drain devices, whereas Kirkland AA batteries lasted for about 364 minutes time.

Similarly, Kirkland AAA batteries had an average life of 99 minutes compared to 115 minutes for Duracell AAA batteries in high-drain devices.

However, anecdotal evidence indicates that Duracell batteries typically outperform Kirkland cells in high-drain equipment. In cameras and other high-drain gadgets, many people claim that Duracell batteries survive longer, but Kirkland cells do not have the power to keep these devices running for very long.

Price Comparision of Duracell vs Kirkland Batteries

Generally speaking, Kirkland batteries are more affordable than Duracell batteries.

The price difference might change based on the merchant in question as well as the size and kind of battery being bought.

How Do Kirkland and Duracell Compare in Terms of Price

A 72-pack of Kirkland AA batteries may cost approximately $19.99 at Costco, whereas a 40-pack of Duracell AA batteries might cost around $19.99. Thus, the price of each battery of Kirkland is around $0.28, compared to the price per battery of Duracell, which is roughly $0.50.

This means that the cost per battery for Kirkland batteries is roughly $0.31, while for Duracell batteries, it is approximately $0.62.

Beyond the cost per battery, it’s better to take into account each brand’s entire value. Duracell batteries tend to last longer than Kirkland cells and are more dependable in high-drain devices, despite the fact that they may cost more.

This implies that though Duracell batteries may cost more upfront, you can end up saving money in the long term since you won’t need to replace them often.

Moreover, Duracell Quantum batteries include a Hi-Density Core technology which provides longer-lasting power, while Duracell Ultra Power batteries have a Powercheck technology that enables customers to monitor how much power is remaining in the battery.

Performance Review of Kirkland vs Duracell Batteries 

Kirkland batteries could be a more cost-effective option for gadgets with reduced power consumption, whereas Duracell batteries often perform better in high-drain, power-hungry devices.

Remote Controllers

Batteries for remote controllers work nicely in both Kirkland and Duracell models. These devices are often low-drain devices, which implies that they do not demand a lot of power.


Without a doubt, both battery brands operate well in flashlights. But Duracell batteries could be a better option if you’re using a powerful torch that draws a lot of power.

Game Controllers

In normal gaming controllers, you don’t have to bother whether you are using Kirkland or Duracell batteries. But Duracell is the best if you’re using a game controller with a lot of vibration or other functions that need a lot of power.

Portable Speakers

Duracell batteries may last longer than Kirkland cells in portable speakers that need a lot of power, such as Bluetooth speakers.


Are Kirkland Batteries the Same as Duracell?

No, Kirkland batteries and Duracell batteries are not the same.   Even though the two brands could have certain basic qualities, such as voltage and capacity, and similarities in appearance, they are made by separate businesses. Therefore, they might have distinct internal parts and performance traits.

What Batteries Are Better than Duracell?

There are a number of battery brands that, in certain regards, surpass Duracell. Mainly, Energizer can beat Duracell in duration or long-lasting quality.

Energizer is a famous battery brand in the market regarding quality performance that is compatible with various devices.   Their batteries are renowned for their powerful longevity, dependable operation, and leakage resistance.

Another two companies that produce rechargeable batteries that are renowned for their lifespan are Panasonic and Amazon.

Remembering that battery performance might change based on the particular device and use circumstances is important. As an example, Duracell is the king when it comes to flashlights.

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