is simplisafe apple homekit compatible

Is SimpliSafe Apple HomeKit Compatible? [2024 Updated]

While SimpliSafe is not natively compatible with Apple HomeKit, as the saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” In this article, we’ll show you the workaround to integrate SimpliSafe with your Apple HomeKit setup.

Is SimpliSafe Apple HomeKit Compatible?

Although SimpliSafe is not natively compatible with Apple HomeKit as of our update in 2024 January, users can integrate their home security system with Apple HomeKit via other options like Homebridge or HOOBS as SimpliSafe currently lacks this functionality.

Despite its popularity and ease of use, SimpliSafe’s security system operates independently of the Apple ecosystem. This absence of integration means that you cannot control SimpliSafe devices through Apple’s Home app or use Siri voice commands to manage your security settings. So, if you hope to invest in the Apple ecosystem, consider the incompatibility of these two systems.

However, SimpliSafe offers its own user-friendly app, providing efficient control and monitoring capabilities. The app allows users to customize settings, check system status, and receive real-time alerts. 

For those prioritizing HomeKit compatibility in their smart home setup, alternatives like Honeywell, Abode, or Logitech might be worth considering.

Each of these systems offers varying degrees of HomeKit support and can seamlessly integrate with other Apple HomeKit-enabled devices, ensuring a cohesive and interconnected smart home experience.

However, you can still connect SimpliSafe to HomeKit, for this you will have to use a third-party “bridge” called Homebridge.

Note that using Homebridge to connect SimpliSafe with HomeKit is not a “button press” method. It requires a certain degree of tech knowledge.

However, we will try to keep everything simple in order to help you integrate SimpliSafe with Apple HomeKit easily even if you are a tech rookie. 

What is Homebridge?

Homebridge operates as a lightweight server based on Node.js, functioning as an open-source solution to bridge non-HomeKit smart devices with Apple’s HomeKit system.

It achieves this by mimicking the HomeKit API, allowing for the seamless integration of a variety of smart devices that ordinarily wouldn’t work with HomeKit.

Homebridge to connect simplisafe with Homekit

This is particularly useful for SimpliSafe security system users, who can leverage Homebridge, in conjunction with the right plugin, to connect their system to HomeKit.

This integration helps you to manage your SimpliSafe systems using Siri and the Apple Home app, effectively bypassing the absence of direct HomeKit support from SimpliSafe.

Homebridge thus significantly expands HomeKit’s utility, offering a more inclusive and flexible smart home environment.

How to Connect Apple HomeKit to SimpliSafe Using Homebridge? 

To connect your SimpliSafe security system to Apple HomeKit via Homebridge, you’ll have to follow these detailed steps:

1st Step – Install Homebridge

You can download Homebridge from Follow the installation instructions for your computer’s operating system. Read this article from Homebridge to install it on your device

You can install Homebridge on a computer that will need to remain on constantly and be connected to an internet connection. If not, you will not be able to access your SimpliSafe system using Apple HomeKit.

Once installed, run Homebridge, and you’ll access the dashboard through a web interface typically found at http://your-computers-ip-address:8581.

Note: For a more user-friendly and energy-efficient setup, you can purchase a dedicated Homebridge hub like HOOBS. This device comes pre-installed with Homebridge.

Here is a Helpful YouTube Video on “A Guide to Setting Up Homebridge.”

2nd Step – Access the Homebridge Dashboard

Open the Homebridge dashboard in a web browser using the address provided during setup and Install the SimpliSafe Plugin.

    • In the Homebridge dashboard, go to the ‘Plugins’ section.
    • Search for the SimpliSafe plugin. The plugin name can vary but generally will include “SimpliSafe” in the title.
    • Install the plugin by clicking ‘Install’.

Simplisafe plugin

3rd Step – Configure the SimpliSafe Plugin

Once the plugin is installed, you’ll need to configure it with your SimpliSafe credentials.

This usually involves adding a configuration block to the Homebridge’s config.json file with your SimpliSafe username and password. The plugin’s documentation will provide the exact structure for this configuration block.

Save your changes and restart Homebridge to apply the configuration.

4th Step – Add Homebridge to the Home App

    • On your iOS device, open the Home app.
    • Tap ‘Add Accessory’, and use your camera to scan the Homebridge setup code provided during the Homebridge setup process.
    • Follow the prompts to add Homebridge to your HomeKit setup.

5th Step – Control SimpliSafe through HomeKit

With the Homebridge connected and the SimpliSafe plugin installed, your SimpliSafe system should now be visible in the Home app. You can control the system via the Home app or using Siri voice commands.

What Smart Home Platforms are compatible with SimpliSafe?

While SimpliSafe doesn’t have native support for Apple HomeKit, it integrates effortlessly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, providing users the convenience of voice control for managing their security systems and obtaining status updates. This feature allows a more interactive, hands-free approach to managing home security.

In addition, SimpliSafe is compatible with August Locks, offering automated control that aligns with the security system’s arm and disarm functions. 

Does SimpliSafe Work on Apple Watch?

No, SimpliSafe doesn’t work on Apple Watch as there is no dedicated Apple Watch app from SimpliSafe. However, with the SimpliSafe iOS app installed on your iPhone, you can connect your iPhone to your Apple Watch and control certain features of the SimpliSafe system. 

We have an article on “Does SimpliSafe Work on Apple Watch.” Please take a minute and read it for more info.


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