how to turn on simplisafe keypad after changing batteries

How to Turn On the SimpliSafe Keypad After Changing Batteries?

The keypad is an essential component of your SimpliSafe home security system. It provides easy access to arm or disarm the system and monitors its status. In this article, we will show you how to activate your SimpliSafe keypad after changing the batteries. Let’s start.

How to Turn On the SimpliSafe Keypad After Changing Batteries?

The simplest solution for a SimpliSafe keypad that won’t start is to remove the batteries, wait for five minutes, and then reinsert them. That’s all. In some cases, you might need to repeat this process a few times, waiting for five minutes during each interval.

Whether you’re replacing the batteries on the SimpliSafe keypad, troubleshooting, or updating the system, the keypad may not power up in most situations.

If the SimpliSafe keypad hasn’t encountered a hardware problem, it should turn on by the end of this process. It will help you if you read our article on “The SimpliSafe keypad is not working” if you want to troubleshoot by yourself.

How Long Does SimpliSafe Keypad Battery Last?

Typically, the battery in a SimpliSafe keypad lasts for 8-12 months. If you notice that the batteries in the keypad tend to die much earlier than that, say in two to three months, you can contact SimpliSafe customer service and request a replacement for the keypad.

Additionally, if your SimpliSafe keypad is working extensively due to wireless interference, the battery life may be considerably reduced. For more information, read our article titled “SimpliSafe Wireless Interference Detected.”

What Type of Batteries for the SimpliSafe Keypad?

The SimpliSafe keypad requires four AA batteries for operation. Additionally, ensure that you do not mix old and new batteries in the keypad. We recommend changing the batteries as soon as you notice a low battery warning on the keypad, instead of waiting until they completely die.

How to Know SimpliSafe Keypad Battery Level is Low?

When the battery is low on your SimpliSafe keypad, you will see a notification on the keypad screen saying, “Warning: Keypad Battery Low.” Additionally, the Base Station will give you an alert, as will the SimpliSafe app. Prompt action is required when you see these notifications, and you should change the batteries.

Here is a great video on replacing SimpliSafe keypad batteries we found on YouTube. 


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