how to rate someone on facebook marketplace

How to Rate Someone on Facebook Marketplace? [UPDATED]

Facebook leverages a seller’s ratings to show how effective they are, predicated on the feedback they receive from customers. Additionally, you may rate a merchant if you’ve engaged with them or completed a transaction. So if you are having trouble rating a seller, let us find out how to rate someone on Facebook Marketplace.

Can You Rate a Seller on Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can rate a seller on Facebook Marketplace if you have made any purchases or transactions. You may grade the purchasers and suppliers you’ve associated with on Facebook Marketplace to give an opinion and assist other users.

You may only evaluate a vendor on Facebook Marketplace after you’ve made a purchase through them or spoken with them in order to avoid giving them a fake or inaccurate review. This implies that reviews could originate from individuals who’ve not made any purchases from the business in question.

Due to the possibility that the evaluation may pertain to the specific behavior, specialists enable users to evaluate vendors even if they failed to complete a sale.

How to Rate Someone on Facebook Marketplace?

Depending on your interactions, you may rate and provide a review for sellers after you’ve engaged with them through the Facebook Marketplace. Keep in mind that Facebook typically enables seller ratings following contact or a transaction. This safeguards the system from false ratings.

If you’re searching for instructions on evaluating a merchant on Facebook, you’ll undoubtedly find them below. Now that you are aware of the prerequisites, you may evaluate a merchant on Facebook. 

Additionally, you have two weeks to evaluate the dealer; once you do, the evaluations will be visible. As a purchaser, you are also rated by merchants.

Anyone may review a merchant on Facebook by following the instructions shown below.

  • Launch the Facebook application on your phone.
  • Tapping the Marketplace button at the beginning of the page will take you to the Facebook Marketplace.
  • The “Contact” symbol is located above the query logo. Tap on it.
  • Identify the communication you had with the supplier by selecting the “Purchasing” choice.
  • Select “Rate Buyer” from the menu at the beginning of the page.
  • Select a facial that somehow best describes your encounter to review the vendor. It might be a joyful or sorrowful expression.
  • Furthermore, include a rationale for your review and select the “Submit” button.

The rating of your online shopping on your Facebook Marketplace is now complete. Additionally, you may only rate a merchant on Messenger after communicating with them through chat or purchasing a product.

Why Can’t I Rate a Seller on Facebook Marketplace?

You might not be eligible to rate a seller on Facebook Marketplace because you didn’t purchase anything from that merchant or even never discussed the purchase with them in Messenger. Facebook Marketplace prevents ratings from everyone to prevent faulty reviews from a seller.

Also, there is a chance not to rate on the Facebook Marketplace since it only works on Apple and Android devices when you use a Windows pc.

Perhaps you may be past the rating period of 14 days which was provided by the Facebook marketplace to rate the merchant within. You will not be allowed to rate the seller after two weeks of time.

Occasionally it can be a connectional error or some kind of a glitch. You may try refreshing your page and try rating again for better results.

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