How To Pause The Hinge

How To Pause Hinge Temporarily? [Latest Update]

We’ll walk you through the process of pausing a Hinge account in detail in this article so you can take a break, concentrate on personal development, or temporarily withdraw from the dating world.

In addition to how to pause Hinge, we will take you through how to adjust your Hinge notifications and privacy settings during your pause. When you’re ready to start dating again, we’ll also show you how to unpause your Hinge profile.

Can You Pause Hinge?

Yes, it is possible to pause a Hinge account. When you opt to pause your Hinge profile, it will prevent new people from seeing your account and you will still have the opportunity to chat with your existing contacts. 

How To Pause Hinge?

To pause your Hinge account,

  1. Open the Hinge app on your smartphone.
  2. Click on your profile photo
  3. Find the “pause” option and toggle it to “on.”

Usually, the app will request confirmation before initiating the pause. Now, your Hinge profile and activities will be hidden from new contacts while the pause is in effect. 

What Happens When You Pause Your Hinge Account?

After you pause the Hinge account, your profile won’t be visible to new matches. In addition, they won’t be able to find your Hinge profile in their Discover section. 

Pausing a Hinge account will not result in losing the existing contacts or the previous chats. You will still be able to access the chats and contact the people you already have in your account. 

Instead of deleting, pausing Hinge is a good option, if you want to take a small break from the app.

Can You tell if Someone Paused their Hinge?

For new contacts, it is nearly impossible to tell if someone has paused Hinge as pausing will keep Hinge accounts from appearing in “Discover” for new users.

However, if you are on the contact list of a user, you have a slim chance to tell if they pause the Hinge profile. If you see the contact’s previous conversations but they are inactive, it might be an indication that they have paused the account.

How Long Can You Pause On Hinge?

There is no specific time for how long you can pause your Hinge account. That said, if you stay inactive, Hinge will remove your account after two years. So, make sure to stay active on Hinge, at least once in a while, if you don’t want Hinge to remove your account 

How To Unpause Hinge?

To unpause a Hinge account, go to the Hinge app, tap on the profile image, navigate to “pause” and toggle it to “off.” It will reactivate your Hinge account.

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