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How to Make a Masterlist on Tumblr? – The Full Explanation!

A masterlist is a topic that lists all of your creations or articles you want to make visible. These are extremely beneficial to possess if you revise or compose. Sincerely, there are numerous Possibilities to set up your Masterlist. It is possible to divide it into parts and subheadings. Suppose you’re an author of fanfiction, fanart, or animated images. In that case, you may categorize your work by fanbase, protagonist, finished-or-unfinished state, fluff/smut/angst, etc. then, after that, if you wish, create subsections to further arrange it. So then, it is worth knowing how to make a masterlist on Tumblr. Let us find out.

What Is a Masterlist on Tumblr?

As we already mentioned above, a master list is a topic that lists all of your creations or items you want to make visible. Whenever you revise or create, these are really useful to have.

If having a “Masterlist of Masterlists” appeals to you, you may connect to masterlists for many fan groups, personalities, and other topics in one location. Alternatively, you may include references to all of your publications in a specific message. Abstracts, cautions, and other information can all be included in the master list at your discretion. Alternatively, you can merely list the titles of your publications.

You may arrange it in whatever you like, as well as a relation to the guidelines for duplicating the links provided at the front.

How to Make a Masterlist on Tumblr?

The steps are shown underneath for importing connections and starting a master list from the beginning.

The Fundamentals

  1. Launch Tumblr on your desktop or notebook. A master list can be created on a cellphone, but it really is considerably more challenging and doesn’t come out as well as one created on a desktop.
  2. Make a fresh article by selecting the ‘Text’ selection.
  3. Give your master list a name.
  4. Set up a heading. Although this stage is totally voluntary, I do suggest it if you wish to notify your fans to know how frequently you post.

Arranging the Masterlist

  1. You should begin by naming every fanbase if you publish for more than one. This is absolutely applicable. However, we tend to keep the headers large and italicized, and pick the ‘Header’ choice. Ignore this if you exclusively publish for one genre.
  2. Create a stylistic division in your work. This is absolutely customizable once more. However, we feel that it makes using the masterlist considerably simpler. Five categories—blurbs, assumes, titillation, episodes, and miscellaneous—are used to categorize the work. Make these divisions for every banner if you publish for different fandoms.
  3. Name everyone in the correct section with a comment posted for themselves.
  4. Name all of your publications with the appropriate symbol and genre.

Adding Links

  1. Navigate to the initial item in your collection in a new window after opening one.
  2. Hold your cursor on the white box’s upper right-hand corner when folding over appears.
  3. Simply right-click on the grey fold-down. Tap with your fingertips at once if you have a laptop with no mouse. There will be a pop-up menu.
  4. Choose “Copy Link” from the menu.
  5. Go back to the previous page.
  6. Select the choice that resembles a horizontal infinity symbol after selecting the title from the highlighted list of options.
  7. The area will be empty. Copy the URL and enter it into the following box before choosing “Complete.”
  8. Follow procedures for each phrase. It could take some time, but it will create it a lot simpler for you and your readers to traverse your articles!

How Do You Put a Masterlist in Your Bio on Tumblr?

After creating the master list, you might want it to appear in the bio of your page. You may easily achieve it with the following procedure.

  • Create a Masterlist first. Make a written posting and give it whatever headline you want. Subtitles might be added beneath if you’d like, but we’ll discuss that afterward.
  • Post the content there.
  • If you hover over the blog article’s upper right-hand corner, the edge will appear folded. You may access your website and the article’s Link by clicking the icon. Maintain the window open.
  • Launch a new tab and enter There will be a link with an eye symbol titled “Edit Theme” in the upper right-hand corner of your website’s first screen when you go there. Check it!
  • The modification window will appear on the left edge of the display and be available for personalization. Visit the “Description” page. You can enter anything; your Masterlist will be included in the following stage.
  • The hard part comes at this point. Return and reopen the tab that has the content article’s Link
  • To establish the reference for the Masterlist, duplicate and paste the following series of letters into your profile: <ahref=post/149093670988/masterlist>MASTERLIST</a>
  • Select the Save icon at the peak of the customizing box to confirm your modifications.

Why Do People Put a Masterlist in Bio on Tumblr?

With a master list, you can display all your creations or articles you choose to make visible. These are really beneficial to possess if you revise or blog.

You may arrange it in whatever you like, and a connection to the directions for duplicating the URLs is provided at the bottom.

You can easily glide through any section and find the one you want with the help of this masterlist, so your readers and fans can use this feature and search for the ideal page with the help of the master list if posted in the bio. It will make your blog easier and more convenient for the fans as well as you.


Tumblr is a digital networking site for quick reporting. Every client of Tumblr might have a personal theory for using it, and there are many diverse uses. Therefore, you can make your blog unique and easier for your fans by making master lists. A masterlist is an article that lists all your creations or articles you want to make visible. You may also include connections to all of your publications in a single comment. Analyses, cautions, and other information can all be included in the masterlist at your discretion. We hope you can create a masterlist with the help of this article.

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