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How to Italicize on Tumblr Mobile? [All About Tumblr]

The New Text Post type of Tumblr has features for bolding as well as italicizing fonts, which you can use when creating new text posts. Furthermore, italics can be added to the text. But how to Italicize on Tumblr mobile? We have your back.

Italics are frequently employed to highlight a word or phrase or to show the thoughts of a person. Italicizing a phrase, song lyric, etc. is another option. Italicize everything you like, but refrain from doing so when writing dialogue. You may italicize material on Tumblr and fix related problems with the assistance of this guide.

Understanding Tumblr Mobile Formatting

With Tumblr, you can choose from the choices below.

  • Listing in order.
  • List without order.
  • Block quotation with indents.

Choose the HTML version if you require sophisticated functionality with various styling products and if you intend to create an elegant email signature. Use Rich Text format if all you’re after are editable text choices, including bolding or italicizing.

Although rich text writing is the default setting for the post title, users can choose to use HTML or Markdown instead. To edit a comment, enter the link posted and select the gear symbol on the top center. You may access your text editing choices there at the bottom of such a page.

When writing, click the gear icon should you notice any strange word wraps in the content or comments. Change the Text Editor’s Rich Text setting to HTML. Whenever HTML is really not the thing, use the settings button to return the Text Editor to Rich text.

How to Italicize on Tumblr Mobile in Rich Text Mode?

Place your phrase inside of underscores and generate italics, like shown here: _text_

These steps are as follows!

  • Appear as though you were actually going to publish your narrative or its most relevant chapter on AO3.
  • Make use of the rich text feature to incorporate your narrative into the area.
  • When you’ve finished putting your section or novel into rich text, switch to HTML and duplicate whatever.
  • Go to Tumblr, then begin writing your storylines or group’s blog.
  • Watch on top of a page for the small gear before pasting in your chapters or tale. The editor will change rich text into HTML when you click it. Simply insert!
  • These italics must remain in place once you return to rich text!

Launch any Tumblr design inside the HTML editor and make the necessary changes to the CSS and italicize the desired text.

Any blog you want to update can be found by clicking the drop-down arrow beside its title inside the dashboard. Choose “Customize,” after which “Edit HTML” from the Customize submenu. Your HTML builder loads up the template.

The relevant headings, any images or GIFs you want to use in your text, labels for these other sites, tags, embedding hyperlinks, etc., can all be added at this stage.

How to Italicize on Tumblr Mobile in HTML Mode?

Use such formatting options in the posting form again for the simplest techniques of italicizing text. Nevertheless, if you’re reading the article in HTML style, you may also add the element set from around content to render italics.

By adding an “<em>” element at the start of the paragraph to make it italic, followed by a “</em>” tag just at the conclusion, you can easily add italics to posts written in HTML format. Use I to put your content in italics. </i> Simply enclose your content with one (*) or (_), as in the examples below.

How to Italicize on Tumblr Mobile in HTML Mode

Select the “Aa” text posting symbol to access the New Text Comment form after logging into Tumblr. After entering an additional post title, fill up the post comment box with your post’s contents. When italicizing a phrase, move the pointer out over, and then select the I button in the comment form’s upper sidebar. Check to see if the “HTML” capability is turned off. This ‘I’ icon has a gray background if HTML viewing is enabled. To make the message public, hit the “Publish” button.

To enable it to function, select Settings from the menu in the top right corner of a textual entry, then convert Rich Text into HTML beneath Text Editor.

How to Fix Issues with Italicizing on Tumblr Mobile?

As many individuals utilize Google to save and edit their tales, it is sad that style markers would be lost when pasting out of a Google Drive file. We can’t easily address this because of how Google utilizes CSS for layout, which is inconsistent with how we do it.

Formatting problems can occasionally be resolved by just restarting the application. Formatting difficulties on Tumblr might be brought on by shaky or unreliable broadband internet.

Check certain the Tumblr app is set up on your smartphone with the most recent version. Formatting problems may be resolved by removing the cache inside the Tumblr app.

A modern computer plus Word or Open/LibreOffice were the better choices. Markdown could be activated by going to the settings menu and scrolling all the way down; otherwise, it won’t function.

Tips for Avoiding Italicizing Issues on Tumblr Mobile

Choose strong typography or italics rather than all capitals when you want to highlight anything. Using <em> element or perhaps the I (italics) element can be used to italicize content in HTML. Whilst the content will be italicized through the two aforementioned tags, the <em> tag also conveys the text’s focus on tension when viewed. When the CSS font-style attribute is applied to “italic,” text may additionally be italicized.

Try using exclamation marks and underlining the next occasion. Something needs to be emphasized. In the event that italicizing is ineffective, use quotation marks. Except if the book name is contained in conversation, American English is cited, including double quotations but British English with single, as well as vice versa. Then it would be the opposite way about.

Instead, the standard substitution for italics involves employing emphasizing. There are various uses for italics. Most frequently, italics were employed to emphasize or contrast or to draw more attention to a certain section of a text.


You already understand how to italicize using Tumblr. Using these styling capabilities inside the post type seems to be the easiest method to italicize content. Try using asterisks plus dashes to highlight something else the following time they really have to.

The relevance of mobility friendliness is increasing as more and more people use their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. If you haven’t changed your articles yet, it’s extremely easy to do so, and your blogs might look improved as a result!

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