how to eject disc from xbox one

How to Eject Disc from Xbox One? Some Easy Steps!!

Do you have difficulties getting a disc out of your Xbox One system? How to eject disc from Xbox one? Do not be concerned; a simple solution exists for this prevalent problem. This guide will instruct you on effectively and properly ejecting a disc off any Xbox One gaming system.

Can a Disc Get Stuck in an Xbox One?

A disc may become caught in an Xbox One. Several factors may be to blame for this.

Foreign Substances

The Xbox may become contaminated with hair, dust, and dirt, which can result in disc failures and involves implementation problems.

Hardware with a Defect

The game’s equipment may be at blame, dependent on how old it is. A disk may become stuck inside the disc drive if it has scratches. Your Xbox didn’t function as it did before if some parts failed. The disc may have become trapped if a disc drive is just not operating correctly.

Incorrect Insertion

The disk may become trapped when it isn’t put properly into the console. A disc could become caught inside the drives if they put it while the console is angled.

It is advised to refer here to Xbox One user guide or get in touch with Xbox client service when a disc gets wedged in the device for guidance concerning how to release it securely.

Why is My Xbox One Not Ejecting Disc?

The Xbox One could be incapable of expelling a disc for a number of different reasons. These are among the most frequent causes.

An Unreliable Disc Drive

The disc drive won’t be capable of ejecting the disk if it’s not working correctly.

Problem with the Hardware or Software

It’s possible for the system to fail and fail to eject the disc occasionally due to a programming or firmware issue.

A Stuck Disc

It might not be possible to remove the disc when it is stuck in the drive.

Unresponsive Disc Eject Key

The disc may not be removed if the mechanism to eject it is jammed.

Power Problem

Your disc cannot be ejected if Xbox One does not receive enough energy.

Other Gadgets are Interfering

The machine could malfunction as well as fail to eject its disc when there is nearby electromagnetic interference.

What is the Shortcut Key for Eject on Xbox One?

With Xbox One, its “eject button” shortcut option is used to remove a disc.

An Xbox One may be started by pushing the Xbox logo key on a remote controller or even the Xbox symbol key upon that console’s far right-hand side. In the right-hand corner of a disc slot on such an Xbox One system is the eject key. The CD within the machine should be ejected after doing so.

It’s important to note that certain Xbox One versions feature a “physical” exit button. In contrast, other versions require software instructions to access the tray, such as pressing the Xbox toggle on the gamepad followed by the “Y” or “Menu” buttons.

How to Eject Disc from Xbox One in Settings?

That using the corresponding button here on the system itself is your primary choice for expelling an Xbox Series X disc.

The disc may also be ejected using the interface feature on any Xbox Series X unless you’d prefer. Using the gamepad, hit the Xbox key to get to the interface. Whenever the interface appears, select “My Games and Apps” and then navigate to the tile for the disc-based sport you are now playing on the computer. In order to remove the disc, click the “X” key on any Xbox Series X.

If you don’t get accumulate your disc to place it away, the system will send your disc back through into the system after a short while, forcing you to repeat the process.

The following steps will show you how to use the settings screen on any Xbox One to remove a disc.

  1. To access the instructions, click the Xbox key on the console.
  2. Click your “Settings” option after navigating to it.
  3. Click “Devices and Accessories” in the options menu.
  4. Choose the console from which you wish to remove the disc.
  5. Choose “Eject disc” and then click “Eject.”
  6. You may take out the disc by opening the disc tray.
  7. As an option, you could hit “X” after pressing the device’s “Menu button.”

It’s important to note that such a feature is only accessible on Xbox One models with physical disc drives; it is not accessible on Xbox Series X|S models, which lack a disc drive.

Xbox One disks have been begging to be ejected from the game’s normal routine since it launched in 2013. Gamers might manually remove themselves from the Xbox 360 by pressing the Y button. However, the Xbox One version of the functionality still needs to be released. The newest Xbox Preview Program update, accessible to Xbox Insiders, seems to have restored the special function.

How to Eject Disc from Xbox One Manually?

  1. Take a huge paper clip apart.
  2. The paper clip’s point should go through the eject slot.
  • The slot is located on the bottom part of an Xbox Series X|S near the storage media, at the border of the spherical stand.
  • The opening is on the left side of the system on every Xbox One device, just past the disc drive.
  • The gap is visible but hidden under the grill on the left side of the original Xbox One.
  • Your two holes, first from the side and 2nd out from the bottom upon that Xbox One S, should be used as your starting point. Here on the left side, next to the Wi-Fi controllers application was designed, you can locate the gap among the slats.
  1. The disc should barely come out when you press the attachment in. To maintain the disc fresh, push the disc out all the remaining distance using a lint-free towel.


Finally, removing a disc from the Xbox One system is a quick and easy operation that only requires a few basic steps. The procedure is the same if you have a jammed disc or need to take it out for washing or storing. Check to see whether the disc is now not slippery and ensure that the labeling isn’t dense or flaking to prevent this from happening any more.

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