how to deafen on discord mobile

How to Deafen on Discord Mobile? [Updated]

Today, we will let you know the exact process of deafening someone on Discord mobile. 

If you are wondering how to deafen on Discord, this article will stop your research as we are about to explain everything you need to know when it comes to keeping people away from hearing your chats on Discord. let’s start.

How to Deafen on Discord Mobile?

You must first have administrator access to that server in order to deafen on Discord mobile. Here is our step-by-step guide on Deafening on Discord. 

Step 1: Log in to Discord

Using the phone, first, launch Discord. Find the purple and blue symbol with grinning white gaming controllers right now. It could be located in the main display’s application launcher. Once you have the authorization to deafen this user, you must ask a server operator.

Step 2: Select a Menu Item

Then select the hamburger menu button. It is located in the upper left corner of your display.

Step 3: Visit the Server

Press the server button now. Across Discord’s left side, you can see the icons for every server. To complete the following step, visit the server.

Step 4: Select a Voice Channel

Select a voice channel by clicking on it when it shows next to the last channel on display. Its “Connect to Voice” box toggles next, and a listing of linked individuals appears in a pop-up window.

Step 5: Deafen by Tapping Here on the List of Participants

Choose the individuals you wish to deafen next. It then displays the users’ “User Settings” window. Make noises that will make folks deaf.

Step 6: Select the Checkbox

Select the checkbox beside “Server Deafen.” It may be found beneath the “Administrative” heading. The user will be unable to hear anything from that site once it is activated. Additionally, by selecting the “deafen” option, you may silence other users. Just on the “User Settings” panels, one could locate it.

Mute vs Deafen on Discord

You can choose to be silent or completely deaf in Discord. Both buttons are located there in the bottom left of the display, close to the identity.


You can keep people on the voice channel without seeing you if you silence your own voice. When you are silenced, its mute button, which looks like a mic, does have a red slice across this one.

Muting someone prevents you from hearing their speech or any text messages from them. Muting somebody works whenever we do not wish to hear the voice of another person. However, that person is still capable of receiving and sending audio messages, as well as messages from these other members.


You won’t be able to hear people or speak if you deafen yourself. An item that resembles headphones would be the deafening switch.

Whenever a person is going to be blocked from sending or receiving comments in a channel, Discord Deafen might be used.

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