how to cancel spotify premium on android

How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android? (Step By Step)

How to cancel Spotify premium on Android? Let us find out. Spotify is an excellent audio and talk-show streaming service, with over 82,000,000 tunes and 32,000,000 podcasts accessible at a fair cost. Spotify is a highly alluring option for people who can’t comprehend signing up for another paid service thanks to its ad-supported monthly subscription.

If you’re a Spotify Premium user, you might wish to terminate your membership fee at some point if you’ve chosen an alternative provider, or perhaps you’re sick of listening to repetitive playlists, you gave up listening to songs for Easter, or you began biking to the office and desire to listen to the environment alternatively or you simply longer use it frequently enough to make it worthwhile. Regardless of your motivation, terminating a Spotify subscription is a simple procedure that shouldn’t take only a few moments. 

What is Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium is a paid membership for Spotify, which may give you the ability to listen to tracks without advertising interruption, unlimited skips, without an internet connection, and many more.

Making the decision to enhance your Spotify Premium subscription might have a number of advantages. You are spared from those obtrusive adverts that interrupt your song binge with the premium membership.

Spotify Premium offers comprehensive accessibility on smart devices as well as no advertising. You will have accessibility to Radio and much more, so scrambling won’t be your only option. The significant primary benefit is the possibility of listening to your favorite at the best sound quality. It provides 360 kbps of compression, which is the finest.

You may access songs offline, thanks to Premium as well. You may save approximately 3,333 tracks on each of your three systems. The sole restriction is that in order to hear to downloadable media, you must get on the internet once every thirty days.

Drawbacks of Spotify Premium?

There are always drawbacks to anything and everything, and Spotify isn’t any different. Therefore, Spotify Premium has certain drawbacks, which are described below.

The subscription fee: The subscription model’s price is rather high and might not be within people’s means. Additionally, you need a membership to view the music you stream because you do not own these. Additionally, the money utilized for memberships may be used to purchase physical records that are constantly available. Regardless of whether it is utilized, the membership continues to run until the allowed time has passed.

Accessibility: Despite being amongst the biggest music streaming services in the globe, Spotify is still unavailable in some nations. It’s disappointing because some individuals in particular nations won’t be able to take advantage of what it has to provide.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android?

You may cancel your Spotify premium subscription on almost any Android smartphone by logging in to your profile via an internet browser on the Spotify website. By doing this, your profile will turn back into a basic account with advertisements at the expiration of your present subscription period. The steps to cancel your subscription to a spotify primum account are listed below:

  • Launch your internet browser. You may utilize whatever internet browser on your Android smartphone. You have the option of using the built-in internet browser, Google Chrome, Opera, or another web application.
  • Tap and search for Spotify in the browsing area in the browser. And click Spotify’s webpage in the results.
  • Visit the Spotify profiles section and log in. Use the username and passcode connected to your Spotify profile to log in.
  • If you created an account using Facebook, click the blue “Login In with Facebook” option.
  • Select Account Settings. This box toggles underneath your cover photo whenever you log in with Facebook. You are then directed to the Spotify website.
  • Simply tap subscription. It may be found on the side of the Spotify website to the left. Your membership and purchase details are shown here.
  • Click Cancel or Edit. The green icon at the beginning of the site is it.
  • Select Quit Premium. 
  • Confirm it. It’s the “Cancel Premium”-emblazoned black icon to the side of the header. Once your present paying cycle has ended, this verifies that you wish to stop receiving Spotify Premium and converts your profile to something like a free one. You are able to provide your reasoning for canceling in a short questionnaire. Complete the poll’s questions properly, and afterward, click “Complete” at the end of the screen.

Why Can’t I Cancel My Spotify Premium?

You may be receiving your membership as a component of a bundle from some other firm, such as a cell or broadband provider, Mac if you do not have the choice to modify your plans for whatever cause. If this applies to you, get in touch with the private entity and ask them to discontinue your monthly service. For instance, if you own an iPhone, you can view the products you purchase through Apple by going to Settings, tapping your username at the top, and then selecting Subscriptions.

You may quit a family plan; however, you can’t terminate your membership if you are not the plan administrator. That has to be done by the plan’s creator.

You cannot cancel a premium subscription in the Spotify application. The Android, apple, Macintosh, or Windows applications of Spotify do not, regrettably, enable you to control or terminate your Spotify subscription. The membership cancellation process must be done using a web browser’s payment processing page. 

How Do I Stop Spotify from Charging My Account?

You can simply stop Spotify from charging your account for Spotify premium by canceling the subscription you made. Or else you can change the payment card to someone else’s than yours (better not steal anyone’s card)

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Without Login?

You might have to Interact with customer care to cancel Spotify premium without logging in.

You can get in touch with Spotify help in two different ways without logging into your account. Check their main Twitter feed for help. Using the link will let you choose the category—in your instance, “Account”—that you are having trouble with and send an email to them containing all the relevant information.

You might also direct message them at @SpotifyCares. Whatever path you choose, consider that you’ll have to provide evidence that you are the profile holder. You might need to validate the payment method used to subscribe for your Spotify subscription or respond to inquiries about your personal details.

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