how to add multiple users to simplisafe?

How to Add Multiple Users to Simplisafe? [Latest Method]

SimpliSafe provides you with a colossal range of home security technologies starting from outdoor/indoor cameras and doorbell cameras. However, regarding user credentials, one may question how to add multiple users to Simplisafe, which we will be answering through this elaborative article.

How to Add Multiple Users to SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe does not allow you to add multiple users to your SimpliSafe account. However, the multi-factor authorization feature of SimpliSafe means you have the opportunity to add multiple devices to your SimpliSafe app enabling your family members to access the same SimpliSafe account. 

Developing a multi-user system to control the devices has been discussed. Yet, the company still needs to execute their developments on this subject as it can lead to a majority of user loss from the company’s viewpoint.

What is the SimpliSafe Multi-Factor Authentication Feature And How to Activate it?

The SimpliSafe multi-factor authentication feature allows you to register multiple phone numbers in order to authenticate your SimpliSafe account on different devices. Since SimpliSafe has no option to add multiple users to a SimpliSafe account, one can use the Multi-factor authentication feature to add family members to their SimpliSafe system. 

Importantly, as a SimpliSafe user, you must know that the multi-factor authentication feature replaces SimpliSafe’s 2FA verification.

Here is how to activate the SimpliSafe multi-factor authentication on your SimpliSafe app. 

Log in to the SimpliSafe app >> open the “menu”>> tap in to “manage account”>> use the “Multi-factor authentication”>> enter the necessary phone numbers of your family members.

The phone numbers you entered will receive a unique code to enter into the app and they will get the chance to enjoy Simplisafe features.

Why Can’t I Add Multiple Users to SimpliSafe?

The SimpliSafe Company has prohibited its users from adding multiple users to their accounts concerning other users using two-step verification. 2Factor authentication is a procedure that is conducted to secure the user’s safety in the digital world as well.

When many users can access the account just through the login credentials, these clients and their accounts are at risk, and their subscription to such a unique feature won’t be valid either. Through the two-step verification method, the company has added an extra layer of protection to the users by investigating the logging user through their email.

Thus someone who was to pick up the user credentials will only be able to access the account with your official permission through email. So, allowing multiple users makes it hard to execute this security milestone.

How Can I Remove or Delete a User from My Simplisafe System?

As the procedure mentioned above, in which you successfully added new users to your account using multi-factor authentication, you have to reverse the cycle of guidelines, and you will be able to remove or delete the added number/user at any given time. We will now see how to do that.

Open the Simplisafe app>> go to the menu>> tap the “manage account”>> click on the “multi factor authentication”>> remove the numbers from the appearing list

Voila! You have successfully learned how to add users to your SimpliSafe system and remove them if a critical situation arises.

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