how do I know what generation simplisafe I have

How Do I Know What Generation SimpliSafe I Have?

Want to know which SimpliSafe generation you have? In this quick guide, we will show visual differences as well as feature differences between SimpliSafe generations to help you identify the SimpliSafe system you own. 

How Many Versions Does SimpliSafe Have?

To date, SimpliSafe has released two primary versions of its security system. They are, 

  1. Original SimpliSafe 
  2. Gen 3 SimpliSafe (SS3)

The pioneer system, Original SimpliSafe System, was released in 2013. It contains all essential sensors like entry sensors, motion sensors, etc. Gen 3 SimpliSafe is the latest version, offering a touchscreen keypad and advanced integrations.

The Gen 3 SimpliSafe was first released in 2018. There are certain important improvements in the latest version of SimpliSafe, including its modern look. Most importantly, it is Wi-Fi compatible, so it has the ability to send signals 800 feet away. 

Which Version of the SimpliSafe System Do I Have?

The original SimpliSafe base station has a cone-shaped design and the Gen 3 has a contemporary-looking base station with a less-cone-shaped smooth surface with a light indicator around it.

Here are more notable differences between the SimpliSafe original and Gen 3 to recognize the SimpliSafe version you have.

By looking at the Base Station

  • Original SimpliSafe: The base station has a cone-shaped design.
  • Gen 3 SimpliSafe: Streamlined, contemporary look with a smooth surface.

Old vs gen 3 SimpliSafe Base Station

By looking at the Keypad

  • Original System: Rectangular with tactile buttons.
  • SS3: Features a responsive touchscreen.

Checking the SimpliSafe version on the App

For a digital check, navigate to the ‘system details’ or ‘device information’ section within the SimpliSafe app, often revealing the model specifics.

If you are new to the SimpliSafe app, read our guide on “How to set up the SimpliSafe app” to get the most out of the app.

Referring to the User Manual

You can check the SimpliSafe version you have if you go through the user manual that comes with the system. 

SimpliSafe Gen 3 Improvements Over the Original Version

In addition to the differences in appearance, here’s a chart that outlines the differences between the Gen 3 and Original SimpliSafe systems.

This comparison highlights specific areas where the Gen 3 system has made improvements over the original version, including aspects like sensor design, connectivity, smart home integration, and security features.

 differences between the Gen 3 and Original SimpliSafe systems

Are Original SimpliSafe Sensors Compatible With New Gen 3?

No, the original SimpliSafe sensors are not compatible with the Gen 3 (SS3) system. The new Gen 3 SimpliSafe functions using the latest and advanced technology and encryption for enhanced security, which is not supported by the older sensor models of the original system.

This incompatibility means there are significant updates in sensor design, connectivity, and system integration between the two generations of SimpliSafe security systems. Read our guide on “Do Old SimpliSafe Sensors Work with New SimpliSafe Systems” for more info.


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