does simplisafe work on apple watch

Does SimpliSafe Work on Apple Watch? [SS Companion App]

Does SimpliSafe work on Apple Watch? Yes, you can control your SimpliSafe system as an Apple Watch user. In this guide, we will show you how to control SimpliSafe with Apple Watch. Let’s start. 

Does SimpliSafe Work on Apple Watch?

Still, there is no dedicated Apple Watch app from SimpliSafe and as an Apple user, the only way you can control SimpliSafe from Apple Watch is to download the SimpliSafe app to your iPhone, connect it to your Apple Watch, and keep the SimpliSafe app active on iPhone when controlling SimpliSafe from your Apple Watch. 

Yes, you can access SimpliSafe using the Apple Watch using the SimpliSafe companion app. In order to control SimpliSafe, your Apple Watch must be used within 30ft range from your iPhone.

This is because the Apple Watch companion app works via Bluetooth and in order for you to control SimpliSafe, the Apple Watch has to be within the coverage of Bluetooth.

How to Get SimpliSafe App on Apple Watch?

In order to use Apple Watch to control your SimpliSafe devices you must install the SimpliSafe app on your iPhone.

Once you download and install it, navigate to “My Watch” on your iPhone and select installed to find the SimpliSafe app. Here, you need to select “on” the option that says “show app on Apple Watch.”

In order to receive SimpliSafe notifications on Your Apple Watch, navigate to notifications of “My Watch” on your iPhone. Then, visit “Mirror Phone Alerts From” and toggle SimpliSafe to “on.”

What SimpliSafe Features You Can Control Using Apple Watch?

Here are some SimpliSafe features you can enjoy when using it on your Apple Watch.

  • Receive notifications from SimpliSafe; the iPhone app sends SimpliSafe notifications to Apple Watch when the option is selected as mentioned above.
  • Easily arm and disarm your SimpliSafe devices 
  • You get the opportunity to control the last property selected on the app.
  • Manage more properties
  • Manage camera notifications

Limitations of Using the Apple Watch to Control SimpliSafe System

Using the Apple Watch might not be the best option to control a SimpliSafe system due to certain issues and limitations. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  • You must keep the SimpliSafe app active on your iPhone to use it on the Apple Watch.
  • Your Apple Watch needs to be closer to your iPhone within a range of 30ft from the iPhone.
  • It works only on Bluetooth. If your Watch is on Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to access the features of SimpliSafe. 

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