does simplisafe app work without subscription

Does SimpliSafe App Work without a Subscription? [Updated]

Nowadays, it’s difficult to find a home security system that works without requiring a monthly subscription. How about SimpliSafe? Do you need a subscription for SimpliSafe? There is a piece of good news for you. Keep reading!

Does SimpliSafe App Work Without Subscription?

Yes, the SimpliSafe app can work without a subscription. However, the capabilities and features accessible are limited if you do not apply for a subscription plan. Therefore, it’s better to go for a subscription in order to enjoy SimpliSafe’s advanced security features. 

Without a SimpliSafe subscription, users can arm or disarm the system using the app. Basic settings adjustments are also available. And even without a subscription, the app can provide push notifications, alerting users if sensors detect something amiss.

However, without a SimpliSafe plan, users won’t be able to access professional monitoring, meaning they’re solely responsible for taking action if an alarm is triggered. We’ll talk more about this in the next phase. 

SimpliSafe Features Without the Monthly Subscription

Even without a subscription, SimpliSafe provides some essential security functionalities such as motion detection, sensors, alarms, and live video feeds. Although the features are limited compared to the subscribed versions, it does offer foundational protection.

Now, let’s have a concise discussion of what features you can enjoy when using SimpliSafe without a subscription:

Basic Alarm Functionality

The system will sound an alarm if any of the sensors are triggered, ensuring that homeowners are alerted to potential security breaches. However, SimpliSafe won’t send police if you don’t have a premium plan. 

Local Siren

If a door or window sensor is breached or motion is detected, the base station’s siren will sound. So, there is no obstacle to recognizing potential intruders.

Streaming Live Video

It is still possible to stream live videos without a subscription. So you will not miss real-time footage on your cameras.

Push Notifications

Users receive real-time notifications directly to their devices when sensors are activated. This keeps them in the loop, even without professional monitoring.


The system can be armed or disarmed via the keypad or key fob, ensuring user control over their security settings.

App Access

Users can control basic settings and functionalities via the SimpliSafe app, such as arming and disarming the system.

What Features You Get With a Paid SimpliSafe Subscription?

With a SimpliSafe plan, you are entitled to access the below-mentioned features in addition to the features of its free plan. 

  • 24/7 emergency police/fire/medical dispatch from SimpliSafe
  • Backup coverage if the system faces a power outage
  • Download videos to your phone
  • Unlimited recording
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Insurance discounts, and many more.

Does SimpliSafe’s Alarm Sound If You Don’t Pay?

Yes, the SimpliSafe alarm will sound even if you do not pay for a subscription. As the user can experience the comfort of their security system, SimpliSafe maintains its basic alarm functionality.

However, it’s worth noting that while the alarm will sound, without a SimpliSafe subscription, the system won’t notify the monitoring center about potential security threats. Thus, it would be better to upgrade to a paid SimpliSafe subscription for enhanced peace of mind!

Is SimpliSafe Worth the Monthly Fee?

Yes, SimpliSafe is worth the monthly fee since subscription plans can unlock advanced security features, including 24/7 professional monitoring.

This becomes vital if you are unable to keep track of your property and the system all the time.

However, the value of subscriptions can depend on user preferences and desired security depth. For individuals valuing comprehensive security features coupled with professional oversight, the subscription undoubtedly offers substantial value. You can cancel your SimpliSafe subscription anytime you like as there is no contract. So why not?

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