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Can Snapchat Messages be Traced? Unraveling the Traceability Myth!

Snapchat is one of the most secure apps that prioritizes users’ privacy. You might have noticed that snapchat even notifies the user when a chat or profile is a screenshot by an individual. Unlike other messaging apps, the text messages in snapchat will be deleted automatically after 24 hours or immediately after you open it, depending on the settings. The privacy and security offered by the messaging app and the text messages disappearing after a short period might trigger you to ask, can snapchat messages be traced?

Though the messages disappear from the chat, there are ways to trace them because these texts are stored as data in snapchat and can be recovered. However, tracing deleted messages on snapchat will require a computer and extra knowledge in the I.T. field. Hence, if you want to learn more about what can snapchat messages be traced, keep reading the article until the end.

Are Snapchat Messages Really Private?

Every snapchat message between two users is private and protected by the app, including audio calls, video calls, photos, videos, stickers, bitmojis and streaks.

Snapchat app prioritizes the security of the user unless they are requested to scan under law enforcement.

However, snapchat messages are collected as data to the app, but you do not need to worry about your privacy because they have a strict policy to protect them; that is why you might have experienced snapchat notifying the user when a chat is a screenshot.

Can Snapchat Messages be Traced by Law Enforcement?

Not only can Snapchat messages be traced by law enforcement but any app under a court order or search warrant can be subjected to trace messages.

If any snapchat user has violated the policies or is related to any criminal offense will require to trace messages by law enforcement. Because snapchat is inclined to fall under the stored communication act, 18 U.S.C. *2701 et al.

However, the process of tracing snapchat messages is handled by the professionals in the cyber department of law enforcement. But you must ensure the warrant is legit to trace snapchat messages, or you could be charged by law for invading private property.

Tracing the snapchat messages can be completed with CRM web apps and the I.P. addresses from the VPN company, which will help you to invade privacy and legally trace the snapchat messages.

Are There any Third-party Tools or Methods to Trace Snapchat Messages

Are There any Third-party Tools or Methods to Trace Snapchat Messages?

There are plenty of third-party tools and methods that will help to trace snapchat messages using your smartphone. But the process might be illegal, violating the app policies, and even recorded as a serious offense for invading privacy without the owner’s consent. As a result, law enforcement can also charge them a penalty or prison for months. State and country rules control the punishments for illegally tracing snapchat messages using third-party tools. Below are some third-party apps used to trace snapchat messages that you should be aware of.

  1. mSpy – The software can be used to trace snapchat messages on both Android and iOS devices. A web-based dashboard is used to view the sent and received messages on snapchat, including
  2. eyeZyeyeZy is an application that monitors social media apps, including snapchat messages and location, using G.P.S. The application is compatible with both Android and Apple devices.
  3. Flexispy – The application helps to trace messages on snapchat using words and phrases from a particular user. The keywords and phrases appear in the messages and can be downloaded to a dashboard to read later.
  4. Hoverwatch – Hoverwatch traces messages, pictures, videos, and calls. It also recovers deleted messages and screenshots and locates the user.
  5. Cocospy- The app helps trace live messages, calls, locations and recordings. You can track and get all the details of the two users using Cocospy. The best part of this app is that it can trace messages remotely.
  6. uMobix- If you are targeting the gallery and pictures shared on snapchat, uMobix is the best option. It recovers the deleted messages, screenshots, and pictures in the chat.

How Far Back Can Snapchat Messages be Recovered?

We all know snapchat messages are automatically deleted after 31 days if you do not save them on the chat. But the case is different when you want to recover messages under law enforcement.

Though you can recover deleted snapchat messages and trace them, you might wonder how far back snapchat messages can be recovered.

Surprise snapchat messages are stored as data on the app since the day an account is created. Hence, snapchat messages can be recovered for five years or even more.

How Can Users Ensure their Privacy and Security When Using Snapchat?

Snapchat users do not have to be concerned about privacy and security; however, if you are worried that can snapchat messages be traced, you can secure your account with the privacy and security settings. The tips below will help you with the process.

  • Enable Two-factor Authentication

Enabling the two-factor authentication on your mobile will request a confirmation code when someone wants to log in to your account. As a result, it makes the process tough because once you reject the code, the identity is not verified, and your account may not be easily recovered.

  • Use My Eyes Only

If you want to store pictures in your snapchat gallery privately, you can select the specific photos and add them to my eyes only. The above feature does not display the selected pictures in your snapchat account.

  • Put your Location on Ghost Mode

Your friend can easily track your location by checking them, but you can avoid this by putting your location on Ghost mode. Go to settings and select Snap map and enable the Ghost mode.

  • Remove your Username from Quick Add

Your snapchat account will appear on  Quick Add to users with your mutual, but if you wish to keep your circle close, you can remove your name from Quick Add. Got to setting and uncheck the see me on Quick add.

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