alexa is not responding but lighting up

Alexa is Not Responding But Lighting Up [FIXED]

Do you see Alexa lighting up but not responding to your commands? Annoying, isn’t it?

If your Alexa is not responding to voice commands, you are at the right place as we provide you with some easy fixes to overcome the issue. Let’s start. 

Why is my Alexa Not Responding But Lighting Up?

When an Alexa device lights up but does not respond to your requests, we have figured out that the following troubleshooting steps helped fix the problem. 

Alexa Needs a Restart

Just like any sophisticated piece of technology, your Alexa device may sometimes encounter hiccups in processing requests or responding to commands. When Alexa isn’t detecting requests or won’t respond, a simple reboot often does the trick.

Turn off the device, unplug it from the power source, give it some time, and turn it back on. Now, the system will take a moment to reboot, usually resolving any minor glitches by clearing them from its memory.

Once the reboot is complete, typically within a minute, the system should be back online and Alexa should respond to your commands as usual.

Alexa Needs a Factory Reset

Resetting is another method to try if Alexa is not understanding your words. Here is how to do it.

Navigate to the Alexa app > Devices > All Devices > Select the problematic device > Factory reset

Poor Internet Connection

Make sure your device is plugged into a reliable internet connection.

A poor or unstable internet connection may lead to Alexa not understanding commands. In addition, check to determine if the Wi-Fi network is working properly and if other internet-dependent devices are working.

Software Issues

Another reason is a temporary software error or a firmware issue with Alexa. Although Alexa is capable of updating the system automatically, you can simply say “Alexa, check for software updates,” in order to update it to the latest possible version.

Check Whether You Are Speaking to the Correct Alexa Device

Yes, this can be a possible reason if you have two or more Alexa devices close by. If this is the case the correct Alexa device won’t respond to the commands but lights up.

Before blaming the device, reach closer and have another go. Your intended Alexa should respond now.

A Muted Alexa Won’t Respond to Your Commands

Check whether the device is muted. If muted Alexa has no way to hear your requests and respond accordingly. You can easily check the top of your device whether it is muted or not.

In addition, check for the volume level as well. Use the physical buttons on the device or the appropriate mobile app to change these settings.

hardware Issues

If you try all the above-mentioned steps with no positive answer, you are possibly dealing with a hardware issue with your Alexa. Then, it might be required to contact customer care for additional assistance.

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